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  • That’s what my first CD player looked like. Not sure what prompted my train of thought, but I’ll always remember my first CD player and the three CDs I got with it. I’m guessing it was Christmas of 1992, maybe 1993? I think I gave my grandpa a list of 10 CDs I wanted. I got three of them. You’re welcome.

    The Disney Princess My First CD Player includes 3 CDs and plays 5 Princess Songs & 18 All Time Favorite Melodies! Your little princess will love that the CD Player's lights flash in sync to the music!

  • I’m back in time thinking about that first CD. Andy Williams Sings Christmas Songs. It was sent by some great aunt who probably didn’t own a cd player either. Even though we didn’t have a cd player in the house, merely having the technology sitting next to my bed was motivation enough for me to start saving for one. I bought my first CD player in 8th grade along with a Criss-Cross album. An auspicious start to my music collection. Andy Williams and Criss Cross. Things soon got better after my cousin introduced me to the Violent Femmes and Nirvana’s Nevermind. The more I think about it the more I believe Violent Femmes may have actually changed my life.

    My First CD Player with CD Disc is loaded with musical fun and helps encourage pretend play. The carry me around handle allows your child to have music on the go. It will play a nursery rhyme tunes and various other sound effects. This CD player is durable and will provide hours of musical entertainment. 3 pretend CDs featuring 18 popular nursery rhyme tunes Includes musical note buttons; music box, violin and sound effects.

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    everton wrote:
    Monkeysniffer wrote:
    Mine a Sony CDP-C215 5disc carousel from about 91 -92 still have and still works ,keep it with the pc for long hours of music enjoyment

    I still have the CDP-C515, which belonged to the same generation as yours. Very well built - back when Sony still made good, reliable stuff.

    A lot of rock solid stuff. The players were/are top drawer, keep your beer on the open tray.

    Like my old Grandpappy used to say, "The loudest complaints come from the cheap seats".


    I ended up selling my first CD player to a former co-worker. My sophomore year in college I got a new unit that played multiple discs and had a ton of fancy options. Honestly, though, it was a piece of junk that constantly gave me issues before I unceremoniously dumped it a year-and-a-half and 3 manufacturer warranty repairs later. While researching my old CD player for this post, I read many a glowing review about how you can’t get sound quality like this any more and how this model had many internal components that you can only find in players today.

Sony Discman: My first portable CD player, constant skips and all.

I got my first CD player for my fourteenth birthday. This still blows my mind, as my family never really went big on birthdays. There were no bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, or sweet sixteen parties. No fancy new cars or crazy shopping sprees. In my younger years I might have got a toy and my Dad might have baked a theme cake, but once I got older birthdays typically passed by with little fanfare.