My Butterfly Collection-Temporary Box 24 X 36 inch.

My Butterfly Collection-Box-1-Giant-Atlas-Moth and Mix..... Box 18 X 24 inch.

My Butterfly Collection - Animated Butterfly in a Jar - Blue Morpho

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  • My Butterfly Collection also includes ways to say butterfly in many languages, basics of butterfly gardening, details about Monarch butterflies, plus many valued resources, and much more. The cover of the book features Stevanne — the author's first name formed from the Butterfly Alphabet photographs by Kjell B. Sandved, which are available to personalize and obtain from his website.

    The book is intended to inform and inspire readers to greater awareness about the butterfly,and to respond proactively by growing milkweed, and other native host and nectar plants in gardens — in homes, schools, and elsewhere in the community.

    My Butterfly Collection: On the Wings of the Butterfly is a colorful, gentle, unique blend of art, photography, and writing. It features a Foreword by David Seaborg; the distinctive art of David Singer, Stephen Haines Hall, Joan Danziger, Edda Clasen, Helen Webber, Norie Huddle, Gena Galenski, Rea Irvin (created the New Yorker's first cover featuring Mr. Eustice Tilley peering at a butterfly), and others; plus the book features the outstanding,award-winning photography (Smithsonian/National Geographic) ofKjell B. Sandved; and the profound writings of David Brower, Liam O'Brien, Paul and Anne Ehrlich, Robert Michael Pyle, and others.

  • Butterflies are found throughout history in the fine arts, in crafts of all kinds, including cards and stationery, china and pottery, clothing and fabric, crochet, embroidery and needlepoint, carved and decorated furniture, garden objects, stained glass, low to high-cost jewelry, simple to ornate lamps, leather, linens, paintings, drawings, and watercolors. They can be found as decoration on pillows, boxes, household items, in diverse forms of music, and much more. The butterfly is an important, immortal, beautiful and universal symbol. We focus on the fragile state of butterflies as we learn to take more responsibility for the protection of habitats that attract them and nurture their survival. Butterflies are important to planetary health as they are both essential and symbolic to life on the planet; as pollinators like bees, they are crucial to the survival of the full range of flowers growing in gardens everywhere, as well as food and fiber crops. Butterflies are key indicators of climate change, global warming, and the balance of the entire ecosystem. My Butterfly Collection is intended for those willing to look, pause, and reflect on their experiences, and allow themselves to be transformed, moving from the mundane and negative, to examine the magical and mystical aspects of life. This book is a gentle blend of words, illustrations, inspiration and information—a combination of visuals, images and written expression. For the reader who wishes to learn more, we offer a suggested bibliography of books (stories, science, gardening, and related subjects) plus other useful resources (organizations, butterfly gardens, butterfly counts, and sanctuaries).

    My Butterfly Collection is available in 4 different designs: Monarch, Yellow Swallow-Tail, Blue Morpho, or the fantasy inspired Pink Morpho, and is available in Australia for $29.95 + postage from .

    My Butterfly Collection-Box-14- MIX Box 18 X 24.

  • My Butterfly Collection-Box-11-PAPILIO and MIX Box 18 X 24

    If you know why the caged bird sings, then you’ll know why the jarred butterfly tries to fly away. Getting a representative (or several) of the My Butterfly Collection is a far more humane way to enjoy the phenomenon than actually capturing a live butterfly — and it lasts longer!

My Butterfly Collection-Temporary Box 24 X 36 inch.

It is well known among ecologists that butterflies are sensitive indicators of ecological balance in the natural world. My Butterfly Collection: On The Wings Of The Butterfly is an inherently engaging thoughtful, and even inspiring compendium of commentary and images in celebration of the butterfly. A fully absorbing read from beginning to end, My Butterfly Collection is very highly recommended for personal reading lists, as well as community and academic library collections.