MUSY 4113. Pro-Seminar: Ethnomusicology (Irregular). 3 Hours.

MUSY 6333. Advanced Studies in Ethnomusicology (Irregular). 3 Hours.

MUSY 5313. Proseminar: Topics in Asian and Middle Eastern Musics (Irregular). 3 Hours.

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  • (ANSA) - Turin, January 28 - Former Turin politician Francesco Furchì was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for the murder of Turin city councillor Alberto Musy.

    In court, Furchì proclaimed his innocence in the shooting that was initially treated as an attempted murder until Musy's death the night of October 22-23, 2013.

  • Musy, a married father of four young children, belonged to the centrist UDC party and investigators had said that a likely motive for the shooting was his unwillingness to do favours for Furchì who had supported Musy's political campaign.

    "For all of us this is a liberation, we can now return to life," she said, adding that the attack on her husband had triggered many questions for the family about who hated Musy enough to ambush and kill him.

    Summary of the 1960 MUSY Act

    Since 1960, land management on national forests has been governed by the Multiple Use and Sustained Yield Act (MUSY). MUSY mandates that national forests be "administered for outdoor recreation, range, timber, watershed, and wildlife and fish purposes." That sweeping and rather vague mandate was extended to the BLM in 1976 by the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (Cawley and Freemuth 1997).

    The Multiple Use Sustained Yield (MUSY) Act of 1960 was a high point of the influence of the USFS. The Act codified what the USFS was doing anyway and named a set of multiple uses: recreation, range, timber watershed, wildlife, and fish. The Act stated that no specific use could predominate and that a high level of annual output should be maintained without impairment of the productivity of the land. This was very broad guidance, and it gave the Agency a considerable amount of freedom. The USFS could operate, more or less, as it wished under MUSY of 1960. This was so simple was because there were substantial areas that were untouched by cutting. The last frontier had not been reached.

    Though not in the Act, but very much in USFS literature, were the Agency objectives. One was community stability—thought to be jobs. Conveniently, this is coincident with no profits. Supply of fiber (i.e., wood) was another important objective. In recreation, big game and fish (both of which are hunted) were predominant. Scenic drives were also mentioned quite often. And hiking had not yet come into its own. These objectives were harmonious: More wood was more jobs and open forest, and more open forest was more game. There was very little conflict.

    Political scientists R. McGregor Cawley and John Freemuth (1997) argue that multiple use has resulted in gridlock as single-interest groups have proliferated regarding the management of public lands. They believe MUSY has created a zero-sum game, where the attitude of "I must restrict or eliminate your use to protect my use" has dominated the debate. They go on to say, "Indeed, the logic of a zerosum game encourages the various participants to concentrate their energies on the task of blocking the moves of their opponents rather than on seeking to establish a common ground upon which compromises could be constructed. Moreover, a predictable outcome of a zero-sum game in which the players are relatively equal is stalemate" (Cawley and Freemuth 1997:35-36).

  • Benoît Musy
    Nationality Swiss
    Motorcycle racing career statistics
    Grand Prix motorcycle racing
    Active years 1949 - 1951
    First race 1949 250cc Swiss motorcycle Grand Prix
    Last race 1951 500cc Swiss Grand Prix
    Team(s) Moto Guzzi
    Starts Wins Podiums Poles F. laps Points
    4 0 0 0 0 8.5

    The Isabelle Musy Award was created, almost by chance, by the woman it was named after. Surprised at the small number of women presenting projects at start-up events, Musy stopped students in the metro and asked them for names of people who could help her with her idea. After several phone calls and meetings, the award was created. It is organized by EPFL and handed out once every two years to an up-and-coming female entrepreneur working in a high-tech field in French-speaking Switzerland. It was first granted in 2014.

Misspells: Musi Muy Musya Msuy Muys

Patek Philippe is often labeled traditionalist and conservative, particularly when one considers the radical designs put forward by new watchmakers in recent years. But Musy’s three-decade career at the company is a stark rebuttal to this notion. His consistent embrace of change has followed the edge of technology, and he grows visibly animated as he describes his motivation. "I have always wanted to know what comes next or what we can do better, with better technology," he says. "One cannot innovate within a traditional approach. I require engineers who have broader ideas. That I find totally compelling."