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Tomcat Glue Boards (Captures Mice and Other Household Pests, Eugenol Formula, 4-Pack)

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  • Jumping Mouse board of directors from left to right: Jan Garing, Joe Mattern, Juelie Dalzell, John Nowak, Kitty Knapp, Coe Hutchison, Bev Schaaf, and Craig Isenberg. Not pictured: Patti Smith.
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    This Martha Stewart Collection Mouse Novelty Cutting Board is . a buyer from Macy’s said she used the mouse cutting board as a serving tray for cheese and crackers. How very apropos, no?

  • Use this fun Mouse cheese board at your next wine and cheese party. Buy a wooden cheese board for the hostess or cheese and wine lover in your life. It is the perfect wine and cheese gift!

    This Mouse shaped wood cheese board is made in the USA from reclaimed maple and measures 10 x 6 inches and comes with the cute mouse spreader.

    Victor® mouse glue traps provide effective rodent control without any tricky setting or use of bait. Instead, mouse glue boards feature a pre-baited sticky surface which attracts mice and other pests, stopping pests in their tracks upon contact. Just place the traps along walls and other areas where there are signs of high pest activity. You’ll be catching mice, rats, insects, and spiders in no time at all. To make your job even easier, mouse glue traps are disposable to allow for quick cleanup after a catch.

    Pro Tips The Trapper Max Mouse Glue boards fold into a little box. It's a good idea to use them that way in warehouses and dusty locations. You can maximize the useful life of the glue board that way.
    Packaging Measures : 5.5" width x 7.5 length (model number: TL2586)
    Manufacturer Bell Labs
    Product Label N/A
    Target Pest Mice and insects
    Active Ingredient (s) No pesticides -made of glue and disposable cardboard
    For Use : Indoors : Use Mouse glue boards, like Trapper Max Glue Boards where poisons or snap traps are prohibited or discouraged for rodent control. May be used in homes, commercial or industrial buildings.
    Yield N/A
    Mixture|Application N/A
    Application Place Trapper Max Glue Board Traps near baseboards, corners, along walls, or in spaces where mice are likely to travel. Used either flat or folded into a triangle covered trap.
    Retreatment No
    Shipping Restrictions N/A
    More Instructions No

  • Pet safe: Vegetable oil will dissolve the glue if needed. Should be used in places not readily accessible to pets and children to prevent tampering of glue surfaces.
    Special Features:

    The Trapper Max Mouse Glue Board has a Peanut butter scent, for ease of attraction.

    For those who prefer a non scented variety try Trapper Max Free Glue Boards

    Packaging: singles boards; 72 boards per case

    Looking, now, at the schematic of the PS/2 mouse circuit board, the significance of the IR LEDs being connected to a pin on the microchip (instead of to the direct current) is obvious. The microchip controls the flashing of the IR LEDs through the I/O pin, and the microchip can correlate its intention to flash the ID LEDs with the received sensor inputs, and thus reject any stray signals (due to non-flashing IR light). (However,correlation isn't necessary. Simply detecting a minimum number of flashing counts could be a threshold for accepting sensor input.)

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High quality fabric gives your Mickey Mouse Pin Board a luxurious look making it a perfect choice for Disney pin trading and pin collecting. Not affiliated with Disney.