The Special Edition mini dolls are dressed in the following outfits:

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Set of 5 Miniature Princess Dolls Collection - 5.5 Tall - Perfect for Pretend Play

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  • Some guys are also very much into petite, cute girl, and mini love dolls are the perfect match for them. Look at Yumi, our latest . Isn’t she amazingly cute and totally lovely?

    Back before I owned an American Girl doll, I loved the Mini Dolls! Since they were more affordable I dreamed of having a whole collection of them. My Grandma was so nice to gift me with my doll Molly for Christmas in 2004, so I didn't get the mini dolls. But years later I bought my first one and the minis were as cute as I thought!

  • American Girl has changed the mini dolls so much over the years. The first historical mini dolls were released in 1995 and actually had glass eyes to look more like the big dolls. Then in 2000 they had painted on eyes. They've been changed several other times as AG has re-done the historical line to Be Forever and they have new meet outfits. I think each "generation" of mini dolls are adorable and unique! Since Saige came out, AG has made Girl of the Year mini dolls too.

    The mini dolls my sister and I own together are: Mini Kaya, Mini Kirsten, Mini Rebecca, Mini Samantha, Mini Kit, Mini Nellie, Mini Felicity, and Mini Caroline! Mini Kaya I bought first and did some fun posts with her in 2009, The Adventures of Mini Kaya. Mini Kirsten & Nellie were featured in some of the stories too. They were so funny for me to write, you can check them out by . :)

    Girl of the Year Mini Dolls
    Saige Copeland Isabelle Palmer Grace Thomas Lea Clark

  • For some sweet friends of mine surprised me with the as a gift in the mail! I've always loved the American Girl Mini Dolls and have a few others, but never thought about getting the Caroline mini. I didn't expect that I'd like her so much! I was looking at her the other day and realized I haven't shared many pictures of her, so here's my "mini" review. ;)

Mini Love Dolls - Realistic Love Doll

Both Saige Copeland and Isabelle Palmer mini dolls had fabric bodies; starting with Grace Thomas, Girl of the Year mini dolls have all-vinyl bodies.