Midnight Shopping On The Brink Of Poverty

Midnight Shopping at Dongdaemun (KWOW#188) ..


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  • TAG : Kumalasari Portfolio Design: GRAND CITY MIDNIGHT SHOPPING EVENT
  • Big Bazaar Presents MIDNIGHT SHOPPING for the celebration of RAMZAN and presents Special offers on fashion, home needs, daily needs, electronics, Home Fashion, Furniture, Foot wear..

    Gouache, watercolour and pencil on cardboard. 13 x 19 cm. Framed under glass. The cardboard verso signed, dated and titled 'midnight shopping Franz Ackermann 98'.

  • The downtown shopping event requires neither a fee, admission, nor ticket. In fact, parking along the streets during the event is even free . The Circulator will be running in correlation to Midnight Madness shopping hours. On the night of the eleventh hour shopping–December 19–the Circulator will shuttle guests from downtown to the parking garages until 2 a.m.

    Watch this spot for upcoming stories in our series, , all about the chef Boonphaya’s midnight shopping excursions, dinner prep and service at the James Beard House.

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    Wal-Mart noticed that sales were spiking on the first of every month. In a recent conference call with investment analysts, Wal-Mart executive Bill Simon said these midnight shoppers provide a snapshot of the American economy today.