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Step out in simple elegance with the stylish Matrix stroller.

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Valco Baby Matrix Stroller Red
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  • As husband was tired after 4 hours of shopping, i had only 15 minutes to look at the stroller. We had decided and ordered the Peg Perego Book Plus which is one of the most practical and functional strollers I've seen but lacks in the design and fabric quality department but with Jane Muum w/ Matrix Light Stroller, I feel I found a better option.(I still have time to change our order)

    Valco Matrix Stroller is ideal for an active family, designed to be all terrain and versatile. A smooth ride for baby and parents, the Valco Matrix Stroller has pneumatic tyres and adjustable handle. The Valco Matrix Stroller has all the features including a full seat reclining system perfect for sleeping babies and larger children. The Valco Matrix Stroller is available in a wide selection of colours making it not only a healthy choice but a stylish one too.

  • Best Price Valco Baby Matrix Stroller, Overall we love this stroller! I really wanted the mountain buggy plus one but just couldnt justify spending that much money!!! We have been dragging this little stroller around and beating it up! It is tough as nails and really worth the money!Pros:-so easy to push!!!! Front wheel locks or swivels.-not difficult to set up and break down-folds down pretty small for such a rough and tumble stroller-CAN BE A DOUBLE STROLLER! We use it with the Joey seat attached (extra toddler seat that hooks on front of stroller). Kids love the Joey seat so much! it's comfy and sturdy! You can easily fold stroller down with Joey seat still attached! It folds SO much smaller than a side by side double!!!! Amazing!-great material so comfy for kids! Easy to clean and really durable. Ours still looks great and I really bang it around.-easy in small stores and on small busy sidewalks.-I have jogged with it....on pavement it's a good single jogger. Wheels are GREAT!-I have pushed it off road easily! Soft beach sand is a challenge.-we have a mountain buggy freeride scooter attached to it.-handle bar adjusts! So handy!-basket is easy to access and roomy...not really enough room for my large diaper bag. Ordered a hook that attaches to handle bar to hold my bag and it works well!-great storage pouch on back near handle bar for wallet and phone or whatever.- good sunshadeCons:-Wish it locked when folded.-with Joey seat attached kids have less space and kick eachother a lot. But for all the good stuff about this stroller I can live with this...my kids always find a way to torture eachother....-why is there no coffee holder? I got the valco attachment and (once I figured out how to attach it correctly) it works great.-no hand break so going down a steep hill with both kids in is tough!Hope this helps!!!! This great stroller has been so important to us.

    is #EANF# the cheapest Valco Baby Matrix Stroller, Grey online Step out in simple elegance with the stylish Matrix stroller. With its clean lines, padded interior and easy smooth swivel system, pushing your child is effortless, no matter where you choose to go. Compatible with countless Valco accessories.

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