Make a matchbox car garage from a cardboard box and duct tape

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Matchbox 4-Level Garage Play Set

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  • This DIY matchbox car garage is more than just your average toy storage idea – it is actually a super nice decorative element as well, as it can add a lot of style and value to your child’s room! Does your little boy fancy toy trucks, cars, trains and the like? Do you want to store them easily and beautifully, in such a way that your child will immediately find the car he is looking for? If so, then this crafty and creative DIY matchbox car garage is certainly the answer to all of your questions – just check out this tutorial and try it!

    Your little boy will adore this DIY Matchbox car garage and you will adore the space that it leaves in the toy box. With just a few pieces of wood, you can create a great display/storage unit for those little cars and he’ll be able to get to them whenever he wants to play. Plus, they’ll be loads of fun to put away in their own hanging garage. You could even decorate the top to actually look like a garage to make it more fun. This particular garage is made from wooden shoe racks that you can get at your local home improvement store and they’re really not that expensive.

  • Matchbox cars garage have become part of the fame that Matchbox cars have ever since it emerged during the late 1960s. Matchbox is basically a brand that has dominated the toy kingdom as it was the first company to produce high class and evidently durable and long lasting car toys. Over the course of its existence, not only boys are able to play with matchbox cars but also men in varying ages. Until this modern era, many young men find themselves well acquainted with collecting matchbox cars, not for the reason of playing with it but as collectible items they could keep, which primarily increases in value as years pass by.

    As years passed by along with the rapidly changing times, the development of Matchbox same in conjunction with the advancements that have been gradually taking place. Over time, manufacturers of Matchbox were able to produce other additional features and accessories. One of the interesting features highly related to Matchbox cars is their garage. Through its existing years, making matchbox cars garage have become a popular trend in various parts of the world.

  • Matchbox cars garage are very much popular along the matchbox cars that are parked in it. While many people engage themselves in getting well inclined with the gadgets, devices and equipments that technology has to offer, other still appreciate the beauty and genuineness of being classic. Thus, the concepts of being vintage remains to be alive and well recognized even by the latest generation that has come to exist. Today, it is best to turn the lime light towards the intricacies that matchbox cars garage have, for it is a fact that matchbox cars need a garage, where it can rest and serve as a shelter.

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In addition to what has already been stipulated, matchbox cars garage are primarily characterized by personality. Once the owner is very much inclined and in tune with the matchbox car he possesses, it is most likely that the car along with its accessories and features reflect the attitude and character that the owner dominantly possesses.