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  • Medela pumps are all designed to closely mimic the natural sucking patterns of newborn babies. This means the pump first stimulates the breast so the milk will drop easily. It then switches gears and starts a sucking pattern designed to draw the milk out as quickly and efficiently as possible. You won’t find this technology on any other manual breast pump, so keep that in mind as you compare this product with other manual breast pump reviews.

    I was recently sent a MAM manual Breast Pump to review.
    The set contains:
    1x Breast Pump
    1x 130ml Anti Colic Bottle
    1x 160ml Anti Colic Bottle
    2x Slow Flowing Teats
    2x Sealing Disks

    The pump itself has only 4 parts, so it is really easy to clean. The handle part of the pump is not suitable for sterilising, but as the milk does not come into contact with it, this is not a negative factor. It was really easy to disassemble for cleaning and sterilising, and it was simple to put back together again, too. Any MAM bottle can screw onto the pump, so if you're lucky enough to have a great supply, you can attach a large MAM bottle instead of the 2 small ones supplied.

    I have a Medela Swing, and usually get about 2-3oz in total if I spend 1 hour pumping both breasts. With the MAM Manual Breast Pump, I spent a total of 20 minutes pumping and got just short of 2oz. The first time I used the pump, I had to stop pumping when I got to just under 2oz, as I noticed the MAM bottle was leaking from the bottom. The next time I pumped, I triple checked the bottom of the bottle and realised I hadn't pushed down the base seal fully the first time - Make sure you check the seal before use otherwise you could lose your breast milk!

    All in all, I really like the MAM Manual Breast Pump. The RRP of £35.75 is higher than some other pumps, but it is definitely the most effective manual breast pump I have ever used, so well worth the RRP in my opinion. My hand didn't get achy while using the pump, and the breast shield (funnel) was comfortable to use. I like manual pumps as you are not confined to one location. There was an instruction DVD included with the pump, which I found very helpful, too.

    I have given it 4 out of 5 purely because the base seals are a bit fiddly to insert. I would recommend it to friends if they were looking for an occasional use pump.

    This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the pump to review but all words and thoughts are my own.

  • Some need an easily portable pump for emergencies away from home while others need a reliable daily pump for use at home and away. Many moms rely on manual breast pump reviews to help them determine the breast hand pump that will fit their needs best.

    It helps a lot of women who are searching for the best manual breast pump to read ‘the best manual breast pump’ reviews to see what other women think of the product. There are a lot of reviews out there and some are a little bit older so it’s hard to determine which ones are the best manual breast pump reviews at the moment. So for all you moms out there who are looking for the best hand breast pump. Here is a list of the five best manual breast pumps I would recommend for 2016.

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  • In the Philips Avent Comfort Manual Breast Pump Review, we are introducing mums to the new Natural range of breast pumps from Philips Avent … designed and developed with scientists, healthcare professionals and most importantly mums, to give you and your baby the most comfortable and natural feeding experience. So, whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding or both, the new Natural range from Philips Avent is designed with you in mind.

Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump Review

No electricity? No problem. These manual breast pump reviews reveal which breast pump brands and models work well and which are not worth buying.