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Little tikes climb and slide castle

Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber

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  • There is nothing better than hearing the laughter of your children and watching them as they learn to explore new adventures and play with an engaging and inspiring toy. The Little Tikes Climb and Slide Castle can definitely offer them an interesting and fun challenge as they use it to have a great time, learn new skills and get a lot of good outdoor exercise.

    I once had the privilege to babysit two beautiful children – a boy and a girl of two and three years of age – whose parents had recently bought the Little Tikes climb and slide from an online retail store.

  • If you have very small children, this play set can be perfect for introducing them to outdoor play and helping them take their first steps into a larger world. The Little Tikes climb and slide castle is extremely easy to assemble and use, and its simple construction will allow for many fun uses and games that will kindle your little ones’ imagination. Here are a few more positive points you may be interested to know about:

    About this item:
    Little princesses and little knights will have fun climbing on this castle-themed play set and sliding down the slide. The castle climber comes with a climbing rock-wall designed for beginners and an adventurous tunnel that kids love to crawl through and hide in. The Little Tikes Climb and Slide Castle has gentle slopes to ensure safe landing and sliding for your toddler. The castle climbing set also has a steering wheel and telescope that invites all sea captains and pirates to sail away across the blue.

    Packaging Details: bubble film and plastic film,little tikes climber with slide
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  • It is difficult to find a toy for your children that can be more enjoyable and exciting than the Little Tikes Climb and Slide castle. Designed to be used safely by smaller children, this play set will bring a lot of joy to your toddlers, while helping them explore new games, improve their climbing skills and inspire them to use their imagination and creativity.

Sold by Toys R Us & Babies R Us.

The Little Tikes Wave Climber with slide or without, provides endless adventures for children & is a favorite yard toy amongst kids & parents. If you’ve ever seen a child’s eyes light up the first time they see one, you know how much kids love this toy by Little Tikes. Like their other climbers, there are many fun activities for the kids.