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    My name is Olive Page I am going to talk a little bit about designing little girls winter clothes. Personally I love to sketch on card stock. It's tough, you don't have to worry about it bleeding through. It depends on the mood, sometimes I like to use charcoal, charcoal you know will be the same as pencil and sometimes that is all you have there. You'd like to have a gum adhesive which you know will pick it up as a special eraser for that. A traditional eraser is good to have. If you do like the smudge that you use with charcoal sometimes you want to use oil pastels, they are fantastic. Some people like to use markers, just permanent markers. Usually you start with research, if your designs are specifically winter clothes you are already kind of zoned in. Maybe you are just going to focus on either whether it's tops or bottoms. You are going to need to get them drawn out and then make your list of materials that you are going to need and fabrications. Whether it's you making it or finding the right source to get your design fabricated. Sol I am going to start with a little girl's template. I think that for the winter time designing little girls clothes is great that she has a really good jacket. So what I am going to do starting out with the silhouette really think about what I really need here now. The sleeves should fit okay, but not too tight, so let's loosen those up a little bit. And then she is going to need to move, so I am going to do a really classic A line jacket. Now because she is a five year old, I want to think about what kind of closure I want to do. Of course, it's going to have the center seam, so I think I want to do fake buttons and perhaps we are going to do this fake buttons in a darker color. It's still in the dark gray. So make sure I put my notes there that that's a fake button and let's do a Velcro closure underneath. So that's gray there. So, now let's fill it in a little bit and as you fill in and really start putting the image together and making it solid, the rest of the details will come to you. Okay now that we have the basic silhouette of your little girls garment we are filling it in a little bit. Now you can kind of come in more for the details and sometimes I like to use the harder lines like this. I want it to come up a little bit which will give her warmth. You have the basic silhouette line. I love a little girl's coat in red and then we will think about material. We want her to be warm, not too constricted, a great material for that would be wool. So we are going to do red wool for the little girl's jacket. We have already established that she's got the fake buttons here. Three of those. Maybe you want to complete your design with a little tobaggon, we will do that just really basic. I think it's really important to remember when you are drawing little girl's apparel that the two most important factors are going to be comfort and function.

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