Lego Technic RC F1 Car by Sariel

Lego Technic RC F1 Car by Sariel

Lego Technic Ferrari F1

LEGO Exclusive Technic Grand Prix Racer 42000

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  • The rear spoiler raises with a shifting mechanism, which also lights up an LED brick at the rear to mimic the flames coming out the rear end of a real F1 car when you shift into 2nd gear. The Lego Technic RC F1 car, built by graphic designer , has a two-speed remote-control transmission with instant shifting, with the power train built around the rear axle as it’s the only place with enough space.

    This ladies and gentleman… ok, probably just gentlemen, is the new 2013 Lego Technic F1 Car, scooped 5 months ahead of launch. Somehow this briefly appeared on an eBay account (the owner of which is now probably sleeping with the fishes), and as countless college girls will testify, once something appears online, it’s there forever.

  • The handling of the Lego Racers Ferrari F1 1:8 is better than the Lego Technic Silver Champion #8458 or Lego Technic F1 Williams #8461 (different frames and bodies, but same scale and same functions).

Lego Technic F1 car demonstration - YouTube