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  • Earlier this week, , which made it very clear exactly where all of us will be spending all of our money in October 2014: the LEGO Store. After all, nothing could be nearly as enticing as Double LEGO VIP Rewards points and the LEGO 2014 Holiday Promo set, right? Or so I thought. Toys R Us is taking aim at our wallets as well in October 2014, and to my surprise, they really are going to claim whatever money I have left over! The Toys R Us Bricktober 2014 LEGO exclusive Mini Modular Building sets have now been revealed!

    ➡ The now retired (but still available) LEGO Games line is a good source of LEGO microfigures and small parts, and the LEGO Minecraft sets have a great selection of useful parts for micro-building. Also, the second set of the #20216 LEGO Master Builder Academy has a full section on LEGO micro-building with tons of tips and techniques. And the #10230 LEGO Mini Modular Buildings is also a great way to start out with ideas. You can find all of them at the , just click on the links.

  • The LEGO Mini Modular Buildings set is finally available on LEGO’s website! This mini version of the iconic LEGO Modular sets has been available at LEGO stores since the beginning of January, however if you didn’t live near a LEGO store you were out of luck. Now you can get one at the ! 🙂

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