21106 LEGO Minecraft: The Village

Yes, Lego and Minecraft seem made for each other.

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LEGO Minecraft Alternate Model - City Scene on Flickriver"

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  • This Lego Minecraft set is designed for creating three-dimensional buildings, interacting with them and destroying them. It is based on the Minecraft online game. It also includes avatars to interact with the building blocks. This set is intended for ages 10 and up.

    We used the stock LEGO Minecraft Micro World set as a centerpiece, and built the rest of the model using the 6×6 modular system that you’ll get with your set! It’s easy to make your own world using this technique, and combine with your friends’ worlds to make it bigger.”

  • Each Lego Minecraft Skin Pack comes with four complete(ly pixelated) minifigs. They’re skinned head to toe, and Lego throws in an accessory for each, including shovels, picks, swords, axes, and bows. These are regular minifigs, too, so you’re free to take them apart and reassemble them as you please. They aren’t frustratingly fused like Lego’s magnets are.

    Here’s a shout-out to a few guest builders: LEGO Concept Lab designer John Henry Harris built the mountain topper where the waterfall begins, designer Mark Cowley made the floating island, and the gray well at the left is by LEGO fan Michael Thomas, one of the fans who submitted LEGO Minecraft to the LEGO CUUSOO site — where this all began!

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    A version of Minecraft's village that you can play anywhere! At over 2,000 pieces, we craft blocks from bricks in this scaled down LEGO Minecraft Village set! Complete with houses, well, villagers, tools, food, iron golem, blacksmith and much more!

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My guess... If a LEGO minecraft game is released, it'll be an official resource pack for the real minecraft, with a unique download code given in Minifigure scale sets (like the PC batman code in the batman set, you know... with the bat and the tumbler?)