These are the instructions for building the LEGO City Airport that was released in 2006.

LEGO City Airport 60104 Airport Passenger Terminal Building Kit (694 Piece)

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  • Entertaining, isn’t it? If you would like to know more about the new sets featured in the video, we reviewed and discussed the LEGO Cit Fun in the Park – City People Pack , and the LEGO City Airport sets . And if you would like to get any of them, they are available under the .

    The title of this short video is LEGO City Airport – Wacky Vacation, where a minifigure family – including parents, grandparents, children, and even that new very tiny and adorable baby minifig – are going on vacation, but then everything goes wrong…

  • If you are a child of the age to enjoy Toys there can be nothing much more exciting than a Big Box on a Birthday morning, and this Lego City Airport certainly fitted the bill as far as the youngest was concerned when she turned five. The box in question is a whole 58 by 47.5 cm by my measurements and contains 703 pieces in all. Once the wrapping paper was torn off in record time, I think the whole family shared the birthday girl's excitement at the prospect of the construction ahead. In this set you get a rather impressive 'plane, the terminal building as well as a control tower, baggage truck and a refuelling centre and five mini-figures. It's a set that is large on imagination possibilities but, as it turned out with a few issues. Nonetheless it's a good present should you be able to find it at the £52 we paid (prices seem to vary up to £81.99 depending on where you buy it).

    Below is a fun little video for your Saturday morning, directly from LEGO. I won’t spoil the story for you, but it’s pretty enjoyable. The film is also interesting because it features pretty much all of the new airplanes from the LEGO City Airport sets, as well as the characters from the LEGO City Fun in the Park – City People Pack. 🙂

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  • It's always a busy day at the LEGO CITY Airport! Load the luggage truck and drive it to baggage claim, then check the plane for any needed repairs and prepare for the next flight. Prepare for security check and help more passengers board the plane. Comes complete with control tower, security check, baggage claim, viewers' platform, airplane and luggage truck! Includes 5 airport personnel Minifigures! Revolving door really spins!

Box art for the LEGO City Airport Air Show set (60103)

Get inside the cabin of the jetBuilding an airport is harder than it looks. Just ask the bozos behind Terminal 5. Failing that, have a go yourself and get the whole family involved with the brilliant LEGO City Airport.