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LEGO Creator Beach Hut

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  • When my 6 year old daughter discovered Legos at indoor recess she immediately changed her Christmasr list to include almost nothing but Legos. She got quite a few on her list, including he number one request, the Lego Creator Beach House.

    What You Get
    The Lego Creator Beach House comes with 522 Lego bricks and full instructions for building three complete structures, a beach house, café and apartment house. This set is recommended for Lego builders ages 8 - 12.

    Our Experience
    As soon as all of the presents were unwrapped my 6 year old was opening up her new Lego Beach House. The set comes with a 5" X 10" base plate for holding the buildings, and three separate instructions booklets. She chose to start with the apartment building model. Although she could have built the set herself, she much prefers to have someone sit with her, just in case she has trouble, or so she says. I think she just likes to have someone else sort the pieces for her.

    Each building step shows you exactly which of the pieces you need for that step, typically less than a dozen different pieces. So before you build you need to sort through the 500 plus pieces to find the right ones. This obviously gets easier as you get to the later steps, but in the beginning it may take longer to find the pieces than it does to build each step. Most steps are simply adding pieces to those already assembled on the plate, but some do required building a subassembly before attaching it to the model.

    Six had no trouble following the directions, despite the fact that there are 51 for the apartment building. She does like the reassurance of an adult sitting with her to make sure she is getting it right. I am sure as her confidence grows in building there larger models, she will be more willing to take them on herself, although I don't mind sorting pieces for her. We eventually went on to build both the beach house and the café. Each of the models took us close to two hours to complete, over a couple of building sessions.

    I was thrilled to discover that there is more to this Lego set than just building the structures. My daughter and her younger brother both play with the buildings too. We have many small Lego people from other sets and they use these for pretend play. This seems to work best with the apartment building which is designed like a doll house with the back open to allow access to the three rooms. Details like coffee mugs and even a chicken leg add to the fun, but it would be nice if it came with figures.

    Final Thoughts
    The Lego Beach House has been a great addition to our growing Lego collection. The models are fun to build without being too challenging for a novice builder. And once the structures are built there are pretend play opportunities too.

    If you've lost your original instructions, or just want to try building something new, these are the full building instructions for the LEGO Beach House Set 4996

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