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Jumbo Lacing Buttons Busy Bag - Perfect fine motor learning activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Sort by shape and color. Travel activity

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  • Digital learning resources are becoming increasingly common in classrooms. They bring huge potential for increasing learning in part because they can be constantly updated to meet students’ needs. Digital resources allow for faster updates than textbooks and offer a wider variety of sources to all students, including those with disabilities. The benefits of the increased access to more resources is not only good for students, but is also supported by formal theories and philosophies of learning.

    Learning Resources Toys are high-quality and provide so much educational fun! Choose from doctor sets, kitchen sets, dinosaurs, animals, counting cans, play food, bugs, and more! So many options!

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    This 14-piece magnet set also comes with 10 cards, which are already laminated and sturdy for student use year after year. The cards are 2-sided and in color. One side lists the materials they will need with the pictures (love that), and the other is a step-by-step direction of how to do the activity.

    The last questions on the cards involve some higher order thinking skills and additional activity suggestions with the materials. Some of the cards even have some "Did you know?" trivia facts about magnets on them as well.

    Here is one of the activities that involved mysterious floating magnets, which would be an awesome discussion for poles, attraction, and repelling.

    You can create different patterns to encourage the scientific method too by having students hypothesize, test, and document the results in a science journal!

    Another activity includes little plastic cars, which have clips on the side to clip the bar magnets right into the plastic car mold. From there, the cars can come together bumper to bumper, but if like poles are nearby, one car spins out! I can see some boys (and girls, of course too) who would L-O-V-E to play learn with these manipulatives!

    One theory that supports increased access to quality digital learning resources is the of learning. According to this philosophy, teaching should emphasize ways to increase desired behaviors, which can occur through or . Connectionism stresses that learners form associations between sensory experiences and neural impulses often through trial and error practices. One key component of this theory is that learning should involve practice and rewards that increase desired behaviors, which is what many educational technology applications are built around. Many apps serve to increase drill practice such as learning a foreign language, doing math drills or spelling practice, which all help a student’s overall learning.

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    Kids will love playing and learning with the Teaching Cash Register.  The lights and sounds will engage and entertain as they learn math and money skills.  It features a coin slot, extra-large LCD screen, scanner for credit cards and coupons, large buttons for little fingers, and a drawer full of Learning Resources play money.

    They'll insert a coin to hear its name, and the LCD screen will display the value.  The Coins key will give the total, and the Change key will release the coins so they can play again. Interactive games like "Coin Quiz" and "Money Match will sharpen their skills in addition, subtraction, coin values, counting money, making change, and decimal usage.

    With the Teaching Cash Register, the real value is learning!

    Requires 3 "C" batteries - not included

    Ages 3 and Up.

    While on the Learning Resources website looking for new toys/games for my 4 year old daughter, this one caught her eye immediately. Once we got it home, it quickly became a favorite- even for my husband & me! It is brilliantly designed, made of high quality materials & even comes with cards as an expansion tool.

    What began as a lesson in magnetic poles, moved into discussion about magnetic fields, magnetization, demagnetization & beyond. Needless to say, my daughter is learning about things well beyond her years, all thanks to this toy. We couldn't be more thrilled!

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I love this and it has so many possibilities to prepare children for kindergarten. Learning Resources is the best!!!! Also, it is fantastic to see the children make their own rules and games. Fingers are crossed.