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Atoah®7 Inch Mini Netbook VIA8880 Android 4.4.2Jellybean Laptop Computer 512/4GB Storage Wifi HDMI with Good Gift for Children( Red)

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  • For those of you have seen Star Wars, you must be familiar with the R2-D2 (must be read Artoo Deetoo) character, that fictional and funny droid from the movie. If you kid is at least 4 years of age, you can buy this Artoo laptop for $15. It’s a funny looking blue and white laptop with an unusual keyboard which s going to help your kid to explore the wonders of the English vocabulary. It has 8 different learning activities that are going to keep your kid busy for quite a while. The small LCD is easy to read and this small gadget only needs 2 AA batteries. I bet your child is going to have hours of fun with this cheap laptop for kids.

    If you are looking for a laptop for kids or even a netbook for kids this Christmas then you must check out the latest laptop from Toshiba (see video presentation below) designed for and by kids in collaboration with Best Buy. The laptop in question is the new Toshiba Satellite® L635 Kids’ PC, which is also their first laptop designed specifically for kids aged 5 - 10. Kids have special needs when it comes to a laptop - first it needs to be interesting, second it needs to be kidproof and third it needs to give safe Internet access.

  • The Toshiba laptop for kids is basically the Satellite L635, a normal13-inch laptop, covered with a rubber neon membrane. The gray rubber membrane with splashes of neon was chosen by kids. Toshiba calls it "wipeable" (not spill-resistant), so it is not recommended that you let your kids spill their favorite drink on the keyboard.

    When kids want to act like mom and dad, it can be tempting to hand over your MacBook Pro for a couple of minutes. It can also be foolish. If your kids just want to play some games these toy laptops for kids may be just the thing.

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    There is a long list of impressive features that a computer can be equipped with; in regard to hardware and software. For the most part however, don’t require high end equipment with quad processors and a full TB (terabyte) of storage space. Sometimes keeping it simple really is better; so let’s take a look at what factors kids themselves think make the best laptop for kids.

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