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  • The first Sphynx breeders encountered a number of problems; the gene pool was very limited, and many kittens died. Many of the females also suffered convulsions. The last two direct descendents of Prune, a brother and sister pair, were sent to Holland in the 1970s, but the male was not interested in mating, and the female conceived only once, but lost the litter.

    More breeding matches were tried, but the males were just not interested in mating, and the females continued to lose their litters. Therefore, no modern Sphynx cats today can be traced directly back to Prune. With no breeding male Sphynx cats available, breeders instead fell back upon using sparsely-furred Devon Rex studs. Two hairless female kittens, Epidermis and Dermis, were born in 1975 and 1976 to barn cats in Minnesota, and they became an important part of the contemporary Sphynx breeding programs. Further hairless cats were found in Texas, Arkansas, and Minnesota, and they have all contributed to the available, more successful gene pool for breeding.

  • The Sphynx originated in Mexico, but was close to extinction by the 1800s. The contemporary breed of Sphynx dates back to one kitten named "Prune," born hairless in 1966 in Toronto to "normal" feline parents. This kitten was "backcrossed" with its mother—mated to the mother—which produced one more hairless kitten. Together with a few more hairless kittens that appeared around the world, Prune spearheaded the campaign to start a hairless breed.

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  • Adorable kitties

    The Canadian Sphynx is now recognized by the Cat Fanciers' Association to be a healthy, robust breed. Lack of hair can cause health issues with kittens in the first weeks of life due to susceptibility to respiratory infections. Reputable breeders will not let their kittens go to new homes without being at least twelve weeks of age to ensure that the kitten's immune system is mature enough to cope with a new environment. Due to their lack of protective fur, skin cancer may be a problem if exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. The breed also has instances of the genetic disorder hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and Sphynx cats can also catch common feline diseases and should be immunized the same as other breeds.

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Ask anybody who has ever adopted a pet, and they'll swear to you that the bond they have with their rescued animal is as deep as they come. When you open your heart and home to an adopted cat who needs help, that cat will show appreciation for the rest of his/her life! Cats who have been uprooted from their homes or have had a difficult start at life are likely to bond deeply and be completely loyal to their new human caretakers. After all, when you adopt you become their hero! This is true no matter the breed of mix of the cat. So no matter what circumstances brought a kitten or cat to be homeless, Munchkin cats and kittens for adoption are still loving and lovely pets, extremely affectionate and attentive, making wonderful companions.