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Magic School Bus: A Journey Into the Human Body

The Magic School Bus: A Journey into the Human Body

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  • Designed to take kids on their own "Magic School Bus" explorations, these science kits present experiments and activities for children in a format reminiscent of the science series of the same name. Each kit contains a bag of materials you'll need and a full-color instruction booklet, illustrated with all the characters from the Magic School Bus series, and experiments which are designed to look like class notes. Each experiment is posed as a question, such as "Does soap really work?" (World of Germs) or "Do you think your lung capacity is larger or smaller than an adult's?" (Journey Into the Human Body). The question is followed with a hint, a hypothesis, a list of materials needed, instructions, and space for the student to record their own results and conclusion. While most of the more specialized materials are included, common materials that will need to be provided by you are marked with a little house icon. There are around ten experiments in each kit, and these are spread out across the topic. For example, in Journey Into the Human Body you'll do about one experiment each on bones, joints, muscles, lungs, the heart and the senses. The quality and results of the experiments look good from the samples I've seen, and the additional interest provided by the Magic School Bus characters is sure to turn your students into scientists. So, Mom, put on your craziest outfit, try out your best Ms. Frizzle voice, and you'll be all set. "Wahoo!" Jess

    As of 2012, the film holds a 92% approval rating at the review aggregation website , with the consensus being: "The special effects may be a bit dated today, but still holds up well as an imaginative journey into the human body."

  • ...a phantastic journey into the human body.
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    This The Magic School Bus: Journey into the Human Body Science Kit by The Young Scientists Club introduces your child to the human body, allowing them to map taste buds, build a stethoscope, perform the iodine starch test and perform many other activities designed to introduce them to science.

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