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  • "For you sir, always." Thanks for the help, Jarvis! Augmented reality seems to be all the rage now with viral marketing and online marketing campaigns. Paramount UK has launched a new augment reality web app for Iron Man 2, created by , that allows fans to envision themselves in either the Iron Man or War Machine mask (seen above) or using the Iron Man or War Machine HUD ( the heads-up-display) seen below and in the movie. It's a bit cheesy, but pretty nifty to check out. Just visit: . "Welcome sir, how are you feeling today? You are scheduled for a HUD calibration test and mask fitting."

    Marvel and Paramount have launched an augmented reality website at that lets you become Iron Man. The website uses your webcam to replace your face with an Iron Man or War Machine mask. You can see what it looks like in the video below. Some people are reporting in the comments on Mashable that it takes a while to download the technology. Take a look:

complete with a matching character mask