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OtterBox Defender Case for Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation - Retail Packaging - Glow Green / Admiral Blue

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  • With a family full of little ones, your iPod gets bumped, banged and dropped on a regular basis. Fortunately, you never have to give it a second thought, because your iPod Touch OtterBox case keeps your device in the same perfect condition it arrived in. The multiple layers of protection and the built-in screen protector, part of the rugged OtterBox line of cases, keep your Touch safe from scratches and dings too. Even though the OtterBox is tough, it is still easy to access all of the buttons on your device. Choose from two different iPod Touch OtterBox case models. Whether you prefer the rigid iPod Touch OtterBox Defender or the original compact OtterBox Commuter, you will find a wide range of case styles and colors in the huge inventory on eBay. Check out the iPod Touch 5 OtterBox, iPod Touch 4 OtterBox and more. The reliable sellers on eBay make it easy to fit every device.

    Like the other iPod OtterBoxes, you insert your nano into the case by opening the lid and sliding the iPod in until its headphone jack connects firmly to the 1/8", stationary headphone plug inside. (An external pass-through headphone jack lets you plug in your headphones.) As you squeeze the case together and snap the latch closed, a rubber gasket forms a watertight seal around the case, providing protection from water, sand, dirt, dust -- nearly everything. (The company claims the OtterBox is waterproof to 1 meter.) Rubber "bumpers" inside the case provide very good shock protection in case of drops or bumps.

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