InfinityMOM Nursing Scarf by InfinityMOM

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InfinityMOM Nursing Scarf, Grey Chevron

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  • With its blanket-like fabric and notably long length, The InfinityMOM Nursing Scarf is an optimal accessory for the type of woman who desires pure warmth, softness, and, ultimately, coverage. The InfinityMOM Nursing Scarf is a highly recommended accessory for first time mothers.

    The InfinityMOM Nursing Scarf comes in chocolate (a word that here means ‘strong, earthy shades of brown’), black, and coral chevron. The darker colors of this selection are what serve as imperative. indicates that darker colors can help rooms seem smaller and less impersonal. For a first time mother, this may be beneficial as it helps to build a womb-like, calming atmosphere for the child as the nurturing mother attempts to feed and caress him or her.

  • The inner layer, made of the same soft material that the InfinityMOM Nursing Scarf uses, provides a dashing visual contrast to the silk-like signature displayed on the outer layer. Nursing access is as simple as pulling the middle layer and placing your baby’s head gently inside. Nursing has never looked more angelically Madonna-like.

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