Imaginext Transforming Batcave Batman Joker DC Comics Super Heroes

Imaginext Batcave is $34.99 and is for kids 3 to 8 years old.

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batcave

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  • Bring The Batcave to Life

    Download the free Imaginext Batcave app on your iPhone and bring it to this Batcave for interactive fun on your iPhone screen. Compatible with iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5 and iPod touch 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th generation (device not included.) Recommended for age 3-8 years

    The Imaginext Batcave is our most wished for Christmas present or Christmas gift idea for children and kids this year 2013. Most children already know about the Imaginext Bat Cave as they have seen the adverts which run daily on the Channel 5 Five Milkshake! show.

  • Now this Imaginext Batcave is one one seriously big toy and its absolutely rammed full of fantastic features that a just built to keep little kids entertained. There is literally loads and loads of things to do.

    The Fisher-Price Imaginext Batcave really does have loads of features and more than enough to keep more than one little boy or girl happy for hours. This set comes with a BatBike and Batman and Robin figures, of course you can get a whole host of other vehicles, figures and playsets that will go with this set and expand your Childs play potential, but there really is more than enough to start them off.

  • Action-Packed Adventure with An Interactive Twist

    To the Batcave! Kids can join the Caped Crusader and his sidekick Robin at their secret headquarters where they watch over Gotham City from their Batcomputer. Turn the Batman or Robin figures on any of the 3 activation disks throughout the Batcave to make cool things happen. Enemy approaching? Flip down the projectile launcher platform, aim, and fire! And when the Batcomputer shows trouble in Gotham City just place Batman on his Batcycle and send him off to save the day! Have an iPhone? You can bring the Imaginext Batcave to life! Download the free Imaginext Batcave app and bring it to this Batcave for interactive fun on your iPhone screen.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Batcave Playset; ..

This Fisher Price Imaginext Batcave has a try me centre turn disk in the centre that will open the Bat computer and rotate out two walkways. To the left of the Batcave computer will be a “flight suit” for batman to put on before he goes over to the right and rotates another disk to move the batwing to launch position. A bat pole is included to easily access the first level. Down there will be a disk that will open the jail if turned one way and open the large garage style door if turned the other for batman to ride out on the included batcycle. Lastly the disk on the platform above the jail will open another panel on the front with a projectile launcher to shoot at anyone coming towards the cave.