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LG G Pad X 8.0 case, i-UniK LG G Pad X 8.0 AT&T V520 / T-Mobile V521 Custom Slim Folio Tablet Case [Bonus Stylus] (Cute Pink)

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  • TAG : Enjoy striking graphics and amazing usability at low prices.
  • Have your tablet conveniently nearby with CTA Digital’s Gooseneck Floor Stand for iPads and Tablets. Excellent for home, classroom, dorm, or office use, this durable yet exquisite piece of furniture embodies the need to stay mobile, stay connected and stay hands-free. The button-activated slide mount provides a sturdy hold for iPads and tablets of 6 to 8.38 inches in either width or height, which is the perfect stand for devices like the iPad Air 2, the Galaxy Note Pro and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

    6) Contests: iPads and tablets are hot and everyone wants one. iPad giveaways are great motivators for attendees to take action.

  • The gooseneck feature and adjustable height bar give you versatility when using your tablet, whether you need it while sitting, standing or even at a different orientation. Plus, the four attachable wheels give CTA Digital’s Gooseneck Floor Stand for iPads and Tablets the mobility needed to match you, and its sturdy, weighted base makes it stable and tightly compact.

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