Hybrid Toys Workshop at Mediamatic

Hybrid Toys Workshop at Mediamatic

Jurassic World Dino Hybrid Indominus Rex Action Figure

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  • is a korean born artist that works in brazil. his work combines different parts from objects and
    pieces them together to create hybrid toys. most of the parts come from toys, however some come from
    household objects like kitchen utensils.

    Kathleen Morrison was seven years old when she was abducted with her friends Heidi and Barbara. She played with hybrid toys and engaged in a discussion about emotions with her hybrid friend.

  • It really looks like there is a big opportunity for innovative toy designers and new companies, to make stuff that isn't here yet. Artists, designers, geeks, and other makers are very interested in re-designing toys, and do so for instance at Mediamatic (in the Hybrid Toys workshops, but also in the Social RFID Hackers Camp) and at Tinker, in their Toy Hacking workshops.

    This Hybrid Toys laboratory explores design and media making in the context of the increasingly intimate fusion of digital and physical space. How can we expand the physical nature of toys with networked and digital components? How can we make tangible and playful interfaces for new layers of data that connect to the physical world?

  • "Hybrid toys is an open invitation to come out and play. After three days of making concepts, inventing and realizing at the same time, you’re ready to give up your daily job and become a full time toy creator for the rest of your life!" - Jenny ter Horst, workshop participant

Jurassic World Dino Hybrid Toys Are OUT!!!!!!!

Dana provides a presentation that predominantly can be assessed as thought provoking. Her first act is to rename the Hybrid Toys workshop to "What are good toys?" She suggests we momentarily discard with making value judgments and simply think of toys themselves. Toys, she claims, are the mediators for play. Leaning on ample case studies she provided several qualities of toys; pleasurable, intriguing, evolving, narrative and open. Simplicity, however, is often the key. And everything, even a simple stone, can be turned into a toy!