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  • If your child likes playing with cars, the Toy State Hot Wheels Hyper Racer Light and Sound Spin King is worth checking out. My son loves playing with this car and the light show is very neat.

    The Hot Wheels Honda Racer is powered by a "V10 VTEC that displaces a theoretical 2.0L per cylinder (that's a 20-liter engine for those keeping score at home)." for first picture in gallery.

    With a 20L V10 and the assistance of good old gravity, we're sure a loop is well within its means. You'll be able to buy the Honda Racer next month when it begins arriving on store shelves in May

  • Your Kids Will Love Driving This Powered Hot Wheels Dune Racer to One Adventure After Another The Hot Wheels Power Wheels Dune Racer is a powered vehicle made for pint-sized speed demons like yours. Its two-seat, open cockpit format is modeled on full-size dune buggies, but this one is made for toddler drivers. The racer's wide-spaced tires have Monster Traction to let your tykes power through sand, dirt and grass. They'll turn your backyard into a tiny-scale racing course with this rider's all-terrain capabilities. Powered by a 12-volt battery, the Hot Wheels Dune Racer goes just fast enough to be fun without overrunning safety. The vehicle has two speeds going forward (2.5 and 5mph) and one in reverse (2.5mph). Seat belts, a metal frame and nickel-plated side safety bars keep kids secure while driving. The racer's front storage compartment can handle a whole lot of beach accessories. The sharp-looking dune racer features a Hot Wheels-worthy paint job and graphics. The metal-plated wheels, front bumper and shifter add a chrome-y touch to this cool car.

    Damn kids these days and their ! We know we sound cranky, jealous, and old, but how are we supposed to react to Mattel's new Hot Wheels Video Racer? Yep, just as the headline reveals, everybody's favorite matchbox car is now home to a VGA video camera that can capture 30 to 60 frames per second and a .95-inch LCD that allows you to play back that recorded footage right on the belly of the tiny vehicle. While a short clip of the Video Racer flying off a self-made jump may be pretty awesome, Mattel will also include protective cases so those wild and crazy kids can mount the cam to a skateboard or helmet. Disappointingly, the small car only houses 512MB of storage, which can only hold 12 minutes of video, but at $60, Mattel also includes a rubberized mini USB to USB cord for connecting the cam to a Mac or PC and child-friendly editing software. The Video Racer won't actually peel out until the fall, but we managed to take a few shots of the little thing this week and nab some video of it while at CES. Hit the break for that video and start saving that allowance!

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    There is a tremendous amount to like about the Hot Wheels Video Racer. One thing that parents will not love is the price – at $60, it is an expensive toy. Still, the kids did have a great time creating stunts for the car and then watching the videos (especially in slow motion on the computer). As much fun as the car is, I actually think the ability to use the Video Racer in other settings is the best feature.

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Mattel will provide some video editing software with the Hot Wheels Video Racer when it is released. The software should allow kids to use drag and drop options with preloaded music, scene transitions or special effects to create fun videos they can share with their friends.