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DaVinci Kalani 3 Drawer Changer Dresser in Honey Oak

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  • I'm having trouble finding the Honey Pine crib set – looks like it may be backordered until mid September? Please tell me it's only backordered and will be available in September again and that it hasn't been discontinued?

    Would just like to leave a general comment. I purchased the Cypress Point honey pine convertable crib, changing table and armoir for my daughter back in 2008. When we recieved the furniture everything was great except on the armoir the door knobs were uneven. We had contacted the retailer from which I will not name, and they were uncooperative, rude and did almost nothing to try and help us rectify the situation. First they told us that I was mistaken, and their was nothing wrong with the doors, then they told me that my floors were uneven, then they told me that I assembled the piece wrong. Frustrated is beyond what my husband and I were feeling. Upon contacting Westwood, we were met with kindness and a sincere effort to try and rectify the problem and I beleive the company went above and beyond trying to make it right, which they most certainly did. I will never buy furniture from that furniture store ever again, but Westwood has a customer for life. Thank you.

  • If you're looking for a pine baby crib then Walmart offers two solutions. The Bassettbaby 4-in-1 crib and the Storkcraft 4-in-1 honey pine crib have wonderful features which include growing with your child and great designs. Sturdy, durable, solid, roomy and comfortable the stylish and attractive pine cribs are perfect for infants, newborns, preemies and toddlers.

    Jardine wooden cribs in various styles and finishes, as listed below, are included in this recall: BC-23 Drop Side Blue Spindle Crib, first sold 8/2004; BC-36B Drop Side Light Blue Spindle Crib, 8/2005; BC-36G Drop Side Sage Spindle Crib, 7/2005; BC-36P Drop Side Pink Spindle Crib, 7/2005; BC-007 Hilton Drop Side Cherry Single Crib 1/2002; BC-010 Windsor Drop Side Cherry Flat Panel Crib, 1/2002; BC-010C Windsor Drop Side Cherry Flat Panel Crib, 11/2003; BC-010HP Windsor Drop Side Oak/Honey Pine Crib, 11/2003; BC-010W Hilton Drop Side White Full Panel Crib, 7/2002; BC-017 Windsor Drop Side Dark Pine Single Crib, 1/2002; BC-107C Hilton Drop Side Cherry Single Crib, 3/2005; BC-107CR Windsor Cherry Single Sleigh Crib, 4/2007; BC-110C Berkley Drop Side Cherry Flat Panel Single Crib, 3/2005; BC-110HP Windsor Drop Side Honey Pine/Honey Single Crib, 3/2005; BC-110W Berkley Drop Side White Flat Panel Single Crib, 3/2005; DA617BC Wicker 3-in-1 White Crib, 1/2002; DA620BC Haven 3-in-1 Oak/Dark Pine Crib, 5/2002; DA770BC 4-in-1 White Convertible Crib, 1/2004; DV730N Natural Lifetime Crib, 9/2003; DV730W White Lifetime Crib, 8/2003; DV830-N Natural Lifetime Crib, 11/2004; DV830-W White Lifetime Crib, 11/2004; 0113B00 Drop Side Natural Spindle Crib, 7/2006; 0113K00 Drop Side Mahogany Spindle Crib, 6/2006; 0303B00 Berkley Natural Lifetime Crib, 9/2005; 0303C00 Berkley White Lifetime Crib, 8/2005; 0303G00 Berkley Cherry Lifetime Crib, 5/2005; and 0309K00 Positano Mahogany Lifetime Crib, 4/2006. The model number is printed on the inside of the bottom rail of the headboard or footboard.

    Model #DescriptionFirst Sold
    BC-23Drop Side Blue Spindle Crib8/2004
    BC-36BDrop Side Light Blue Spindle Crib8/2005
    BC-36GDrop Side Sage Spindle Crib7/2005
    BC-36PDrop Side Pink Spindle Crib7/2005
    BC-007Hilton Drop Side Cherry Single Crib1/2002
    BC-010Windsor Drop Side Cherry Flat Panel Crib1/2002
    BC-010CWindsor Drop Side Cherry Flat Panel Crib11/2003
    BC-010HPWindsor Drop Side Oak/Honey Pine Crib11/2003
    BC-010WHilton Drop Side White Full Panel Crib7/2002
    BC-017Windsor Drop Side Dark Pine Single Crib1/2002
    BC-107CHilton Drop Side Cherry Single Crib3/2005
    BC-107CRWindsor Cherry Single Sleigh Crib4/2007
    BC-110CBerkley Drop Side Cherry Flat Panel Single Crib3/2005
    BC-110HPWindsor Drop Side Honey Pine/Honey Single Crib3/2005
    BC-110WBerkley Drop Side White Flat Panel Single Crib3/2005
    DA617BCWicker 3-in-1 White Crib1/2002
    DA620BCHaven 3-in-1 Oak/Dark Pine Crib5/2002
    DA770BC4-in-1 White Convertible Crib1/2004
    DV730NNatural Lifetime Crib9/2003
    DV730WWhite Lifetime Crib8/2003
    DV830-NNatural Lifetime Crib11/2004
    DV830-WWhite Lifetime Crib11/2004
    0113B00Drop Side Natural Spindle Crib7/2006
    0113K00Drop Side Mahogany Spindle Crib6/2006
    0303B00Berkley Natural Lifetime Crib9/2005
    0303C00Berkley White Lifetime Crib8/2005
    0303G00Berkley Cherry Lifetime Crib5/2005
    0309K00Positano Mahogany Lifetime Crib4/2006

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