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8.9CUFT Helium Kit

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  • We have a number of different themes suitable for all types of occasions, from to birthday our helium balloon kits are the ideal way to celebrate. We even have a number of different cartoon character balloons in a box, such as star wars balloons, they're a great present for children.

    Whether you're planning a graduation party, a Hawaiian luau, or a baby shower for family and friends, our themed party balloons, balloon decorations, and helium balloons and tank kits give you everything you need for a lighter-than-air celebration. With one of the biggest and most affordable online selections of latex and foil balloons, and with plenty of balloon weights and accessories to match, we offer a balloon for every taste, budget, and party theme. Are you looking to make a statement? Try a personalized or singing balloon to deliver your birthday message, or a giant gliding balloon that "walks" when pulled. These monster foil balloons stand up to 5 feet tall and are refillable like beach balls, so that each balloon can last for several months, or can even be deflated, stored, and refilled at a later date. But these are no exceptions. All our foil balloons are made to last, with tough plasticized hides and self-sealing valves that keep the loss of helium or air to a minimum. Sports fans will find their paradise in Party City, because we carry a huge selection of NFL, NBA, MLB, and even NHL balloons printed with your favorite team's logo on both sides. The inventory includes most major league franchises, and given an occasional shot of helium, these durable foil balloons will remain aloft just as long as your fan support. Of course, we also have hundreds of birthday, wedding, and Valentine's Day balloons, and helium balloons for nearly every holiday, occasion, and season. So come to Party City for all things balloon, because from balloon weights to bouquets and helium balloon kits, we help you keep the party afloat!

  • Foil or latex helium balloons kits are ideal for that party planner looking for the best of both worlds. In just one kit you have access to both foil and latex balloons.

    DIY Helium Balloon Kits
    Our helium balloon DIY kit hire comes with a range of balloons in your choice of colors (pearl, metallic, solid, or pastel), ribbons, clips, and of course, the regulator and helium gas tank. We also offer free demonstration to ensure you’ll be able to use the kit to its fullest potential. The helium balloon DIY kit is budget-friendly, too. All you have to do is call us in advance to book your kit.
    Balloons Balloons only use ‘Qualatex’ brand 100% Canadian latex balloons that are 100% fully biodegradable. We do not use cheaper quality or plastic balloons in our kits.

    Helium Balloon Kits are the convenient solution for inflating your own party balloons. Portable, disposable and with enough helium to inflate 30 or 50 balloons. Each kit is complete with vibrant, colourful 22cm latex balloons and a spool of ribbon.

    Create your own colourful party decorations and balloon bouquets!

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    Booking your DIY Helium Balloon Kit
    For weekend hire, kits may be returned the following Monday or Tuesday. Here are our pricing guidelines:

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