Housebroken dogs are happy dogs.

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Happy national dog week! Your dog is too darn cute! I have 2 frenchies that I pamper every day!

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  • I’ve been sniffing around the internet in search of some happy pals. I’ve piled together a top 10 list of some of the happiest dogs I found. Please like and share them if you find them as happy and cute as I do! Woof Woof! Theodore x

    Follow DIDGA on Instagram - Inspired by Pharrell William's International "Happy" Hit! Lot's of dogs playing at the beach. Special appearance from "DIDGA" aka 'Worlds BEST Skateboarding Cat'.
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    Story behind this video:
    After a dog graduates my off leash training program, I'll offer a "doggy outing service". I pick up the dogs (usually between 8-12 dogs), take them to dog beaches or other dog friendly places, let them play together, while continuing to practice the training they've learned. I'll rinse off any sand, trim their nails (if needed), then take them home. 2 1/2 year old Didga, aka 'Worlds Best Skateboarding Cat', who I adopted from the shelter at 13 weeks old has been joining us on the outings her whole life. Especially being a part of the group photos or videos I make. A GoPro camera was used for all the shots for this "Happy" video.

    When I'm not on the group outings, Didga still joins me everywhere and loves riding in the car, at times she is very "dog like" sticking her head out the car window as we drive down the road, riding on my stand-up paddle board or enjoying a little swim. Most cats don't like being in water, BUT when she was young she didn't react too negatively to water, so I took on a HUGE challenge of 'desensitising' her even more to the water. FYI - It was several months of patience and dedication to achieve what you see in the video. I'm a professional animal trainer so PLEASE don't try getting your cat to swim at home.

    Although I don't make any money directly from this video because I used the "Happy" song, I couldn't think of any other song that goes so perfectly with the - HAPPY DOGS!"

    Thanks for the Likes, comments (I read them), shares and SUBSCRIBING. Check out my other videos, (6+ million views) I'm just getting started, so more videos on the way.

    Thanks, Robert And Didga

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    Filmed mostly at Currumbin Dog Beach

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  • At Happy Dogs we walk dogs, teach you how to train them, and provide pet sitting services for dogs as well as cats, rabbits and other small animals in the safety of their own homes 7 days a week. Happy Dogs is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

    Before selecting the breed of dog you’d like to adopt, you need to evaluate your energy level. Do you wake up early every morning to go on jogs and hikes, or do you spend more time at home in bed or on the computer? If your level of energy doesn’t match the dogs, there is going to be conflict and make for a not-so-happy dog/owner combination. In turn, if you do your research and find a breed of dog whose energy matches your own, you’re going to be looking at a very healthy dog/owner relationship.

    • Provide you with a calm and happy dog.
    • Reinforce good manners.
    • Provide the needed socialization to walk your dog with other Happy Dogs.
    • Let you enjoy your lunch – no more rushing home to walk your dog on your lunch time.
    • Provide needed potty breaks for the indoor dog or puppy.
    • Put a smile on your dog’s face.

    • Pets are happier at home. A Happy Dogs pet sitter will come to your home and provide the care and nurturing your pets deserves.
    • All Happy Dog professional pet sitters are bonded and insured. No risk to you.
    • Pet’s exercise and diet routines do not get interrupted, protecting your pet from diarrhea caused by diet changes.
    • Pet’s exposure to illness is minimized.
    • Your pets and property, your most valuable assets, will be secured.
    • In-home pet care provides peace of mind.

    Kayla isn’t one of those walkers you see with ten dogs on a leash. She works with them one on one to give them an hour of outstanding exercise, hiking, running and pure, fresh air. The hour is well- spent. The dogs are also given training so they become great citizens with good manners. This makes for happy families and happy dogs.

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Dogs with a loving family are happy dogs- and they have a way of bringing that happiness right into the family home. Many have done studies through the years and research shows that having a pet can be a great way to reduce stress and offer relief from loneliness. Brownie makes our family feel complete. I was delighted when our friends at Beneful told us that there is a whole week devoted to our canine pals and asked if we would partner with them to spread the word.