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Mega Bloks, Halo, Exclusive Spartan Tribute Set (97520)

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  • Hi, I am Davey, David and Patricia's son. I am a landscape contractor but like to help with the Halo Toys family business whenever I am needed. I often get the job of wrapping yarn hair and shipping out the dolls.

    Hi, I am David, Patricia's husband. I help operate Halo Toys. I am the creator and author of the Dirty Dingy Daryl storybooks and Thee Bees comic books. I also cut patterns and wrap yarn hair for the dolls and make props.

  • Wow, I love the look of the six inch figure line. Maybe now my Halo toys can scale someone decently with some of the other toys on my shelf?

    Also, I love love love Boomco's first Halo offerings, and these look very promising. This is all fantastic news, to me. I can forget that the 12 inch figures exist easily enough, because yeah. Some serious cost cutting, there.

    You can expect to see the new Halo toys in stores in the coming months. Prices range from a few bucks for the cute Bloks collections to $70 or more for some of the gun replicas.

    Mega Bloks Halo UNSC All-Terrain Mongoose
    Mattel Halo Construction Toys
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    Coming in September 2016
    Pre-Order now and we'll deliver in September 2016 (estimated date / subject to change).
    Item Number: MTDBB00
    Price: $11.99
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    While the Halo series has created plenty of one-off collectables (collectibles, statues, action figures, etc.) the sci-fi game series has never crossed the line all the way into lines of Halo toys…until now. A new agreement between 343 Industries and Mattel guarantees that the Halo brand will be appearing in smaller, throughout the coming years.

HALO Toys MEGA Brands Toy Fair Preview

I get a couple messages from readers in my inbox every week asking if the Halo McFarlane Toys line of action figures and vehicles is dying. Unfortunately, I’m not on Todd McFarlane’s Christmas card list and the development team over at McFarlane Toys doesn’t invite me over for weekly tea, so I’m not privy to that knowledge. But since Halo toy news has been a little slow this past week, I thought I’d weigh in and give my input on the subject…