Halloween movies for entire month of October.

Looking for a fun Halloween movie you can enjoy with your kids? Pop in one of these delightfully spooky—but not too scary!—Halloween classics.

Creep School (Joyeuse Hallowwen)

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    Fright Night is an ideal Halloween movie to watch with company, with a loved one or on your own. A lesser-known gem with great acting all round and an atmosphere to die for.

    Rated R. Trick ‘R’ Treat is honestly one of the best Halloween movies out there for its charming almost-cleverness sidling alongside the silly, using the thrill of traditional scout camp ghost stories to turn slasher flick conventions on their head. The serial-killer high school principal, the college virgin who’s holding out for Mister Right, the teenagers who pull a mean prank and a woman who loathes the night… These four Halloween stories culminate in one intriguing little sweet-sour twist. It’s pure pumpkin froth – enjoy.

  • Best For Film has selected some of the best Halloween movies out there – provided you understand we are scouting solely for the best , not the best horror films. There’s a difference. Ranging from classic eighties screamfest slasher films to spooky family-friendly affairs, our top 10 Halloween films are guaranteed to make you appreciate the frothy grand guignol of All Hallows Eve. We want scout camp ghost stories, razorblades in pumpkins, skellingtons, screaming teenagers and even more skellingtons, this time dancing the fandango. You’ll not find Rosemary’s Baby, or Night of the Living Dead, or The Exorcist on our list – wonderful and terrifying horror films that they are. Quite frankly, they’re too good, and too disquieting. Without further ado, here are the top 10 best of the worst of the very best to settle down to on October 31st whilst ignoring the pitiful mewing of the costumed children outside.

    On our Halloween movies list because: This harrowing home invasion movie is a realistic nail-biter totally devoid of ghouls or the supernatural, making it a choice pick for those who know they'll be triple-checking their locks when the movie's done.

    Critics say: "It could be an especially grisly, profanity-laced entry in the Home Alone' series. And, it must be said, an exceptionally well-directed one."—A.O. Scott,


    The Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition

    Who could make a Christmas movie into a Halloween movie? Tim Burton, of course. See the nightmare digitally restored with plenty of bonus features. Watch Jack Skellington, a resident of Halloweentown, try to discover the riddle of Christmas. The entire movie is done using stop animation with clay. This film is a cult classic for adults, and a nice frightener for children. It's also a love story and a sing-a-long. The special edition DVD has commentary, deleted scenes, and the making of. Rated: PG, 76 minutes, 2000.

  • It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

    Probably one of the most iconic Halloween movies is this animated classic. Watch the whole Peanuts gang as they celebrate Halloween in their own way. Bossy Lucy leads tricks-or-treats and the party, poor Charlie Brown gets some more rocks, Snoopy has yet another fight with the Red Baron, and Linus and Sally spend their whole night in a pumpkin patch waiting for The Great Pumpkin. Will he show up this year? Rated: PG, 50 minutes, 1966.

    On our Halloween movies list because: More slaughterhouse than haunted house, this classic still chills.

    Critics say: "[A] sneaky equation of middle-class values with cannibalism and wholesale slaughter."—Dave Kehr,


Haunting Halloween Movies for Kids

Normally slasher films don’t need to be watched in any particular order. For instance, Saw, and can both be watched in any order you please. However, I would definitely not recommend that for this series. I would watch the Halloween movies in order, by release date, in a complete chronological order. The later movies definitely build off of the earlier movies, and H20 released in 1998 will definitely make far more sense if you have seen the original films. If you’ve already watched one out of order, I recommend starting over at the beginning. It’s not too late, as long as you have not seen Halloween H2O. The only movie to really contain deal breaking spoilers is H2O.