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Gorgeous looking pictures and now I’m so craving for earl grey ice cream and the idea of ice cream Monday :p

English Tea Store Earl Grey Cream Teabags, 25 Count

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  • Coral is one of those colors that goes with a vast array of shades and style genres. But not all of them have a contemporary, serene sense. Some are loud, some are bold and others make you feel at home, relaxed and stylish. That’s why, today, we’re shining a light on serene coral combinations. Pairing this delicate tone with mints, greys and creams can get you that modern, trendy and relaxing look you’ve been searching for. Let’s get inspired, shall we?!

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    Using cream and grey can create one stunning effect for a kitchen in a house. Although people consider grey as rather one masculine color, cream counteracts it. Grey color can be oppressive when you use it incorrectly, but as several shades are available it does not seem to be the case. Cream and grey together are able to create one clean looking, minimalist a striking kitchen. You can go with any or a bit darker shade of grey with cream.

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Earl Grey Ice Cream Recipe - Honestly YUM

Charming, subtly seductive, and easier than a drunk teen on prom night. At first I couldn’t decide what kind of tea to use for this recipe, then I tasted the earl grey ice cream by and sugar, was I sold hard.