“Goodnight New York” is song 11 of the album “Aims” (2013).

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Good Night New York City (Good Night Our World)

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    Goodnight New York

    goodnight, New York New York
    goodnight, goodnight
    I'll see you all on the other side
    after I am a different man with different eyes
    goodnight, you canyons of steel and light
    twist and turn where your alleyways hide
    swaying trains sheltering dreams and little white lies
    goodnight, goodnight
    may you be always heartbreaking
    take a little more than you give
    yeah but when you give, oh my
    goodnight, goodnight
    I walk away to remember who I am
    somewhere in the woodland
    somewhere in streams
    little life shuffles into the day
    folded wings into flattening veins and fluttering eyes
    somewhere my lifeline still hums and sings
    in the mess of all I have thrown away
    hungry now, I am gathering seeds to throw wide
    goodnight, goodnight
    may you be always breathtaking
    cold winter, sink your teeth in me
    June sun, beat me blind
    goodnight, goodnight
    I'm on my way to remembering who I am
    and in your way you remain
    you will claim all this space
    in my way I'll remain
    even as it takes my place
    in your life, at your side
    you were right
    I'll say goodnight but it's never goodbye
    goodnight, goodnight
    goodnight, goodnight
    goodnight, goodnight
    may you always start breaking my heart again
    good morning, lover
    give me your hand
    today begins and it's all that we have

    Taxi takes me down fifth avenue
    Smell the life in the air and I know its you
    24/7 no it never stops
    Makes me smile it was built to rock
    It always makes me feel alive

    Goodnight tonight New York
    I’ll miss you, but I’m going home

    I’m standing with you at the MSG
    Got a tear in my eye, don’t wanna leave
    Manhatten skyline you gotta see at night

    Takes your breath away, oh what a sight
    And its killing me to leave it all behind

    She needs a little time to get recharged
    Burn it up, live life up at large
    It aint over she’s just taking a break
    911 never really put me off
    People in the city are built real tough

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