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Vokul VK-205 LUX Big Wheel Folding Kick Scooter Smoothest Glide

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  • Wouldn't it be great to have an economical ride that could help you get those errands done while also enjoying the experience in return? Get an Eco-glide electric scooter. It's definitely worth all the dollars you pay for. Since it runs on electricity, it radically cuts your gas budget, although a small rise in energy bills is expected as your battery recharging eats up as much as 8 cents each time.

    Well, simply for the reason that finally a vehicle that is certified as truly green is now in the market. This is possible with the technological breakthrough in battery design, that a full charge will actually cover a distance of 15 to 20 miles is indeed encouraging. The speed limit for Eco-glide electric scooter is 30mph at a charging time of less than four hours.

  • Salsbury Motor Glide scooters were a small, relatively simple and economical form of transportation. These caught on relatively fast in the US during the late 30’s, but production got interrupted due to the war.

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    The 1938 Salsbury Motor Glide scooter was equipped with a 1.5 hp Johnson engine and a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). This type of automatic transmission was adopted by most other motor scooter companies soon after Salsbury introduced it. It has been commonly used ever since on small vehicles ranging from mini bikes, go-karts and snowmobiles. The CVT transmission concept has even been implemented on some modern cars.

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Your little Cars fan will love this ideal first scooter. Decorated with their favourite Cars characters, this Lean and Glide scooter is perfect for new riders. The steering system is easy. All your child has to do is lean in the direction he wants to go. A rear brake makes stopping quick and easy. Your child will gain the confidence he needs to try out a real scooter when he gets older. The Cars Lean and Glide Scooter is designed for riders aged 3 and older.