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Ginsey Paw Patrol Soft Potty Seat, Red/Blue

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  • They are so willing to go because we always have one of our five Ginsey Soft Potty Seats in tow. We now own five - strategically located in the cars the girlybirds travel in and bathrooms at home. The Hubby is in charge of toting the throne. He got a big yellow backpack at Eddie Bauer - his version of the male diaper bag - and the seat fits just fine.

    We found most of our Ginsey Soft Potty Seats at Meijer (our supermarket/supercenter) - but one did come from Target. They have a variety of patterns on them including Blue's Clues, Looney Tunes, Dora and Sesame Street. It cracks me up to watch the girls pee while seted on Elmo. (I'm easy when it comes to laughing).

  • When we got the first Ginsey Soft Potty Seat - at Meijer it was a Blue's Clues pattern. We got this one with the Looney Tunes not too long after we discovered how successful these could be in our lives.

    I was looking for something cheap and easy - like those folding potty seats - but The Gabster saw the cute characters on the Ginsey Soft Potty Seat and I had to spring for the $12.99 version.

  • The Gabster was more than willing to pee and poop (although not on command) provided she was seated on the cushy throne - aka the Ginsey Soft Potty Seat. Who could blame her - it was colorful and firm and most important of all - CLEAN! I will admit to using it once at the kids museum after she was finished. Heck - it was already on the toilet.

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Your toddler has got to learn to go sometime and somewhere. For the same money it might as well be on a Ginsey Soft Potty Seat with Looney Tunes characters. It worked for us.