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Best Gift For Boys- Dinosaur Bubble Gun with Lights N' Sounds!! 2 Bottles Bubble Solution! Best Bubble Blower Birthday Gift! For all Dino lovers! Colors Vary

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  • We have gone dino crazy for Toby’s birthday this year – not forgetting to chuck in some Paw Patrol, obvs – and I can’t wait to see his little face, here are my favourite gifts for dinosaur lovers (some are aimed at older children than Toby, but we like to buy things he can grow with):

    Shaena Montanari, paleontologist and writer for proposed 10 gifts for dinosaur lovers of all ages. Lottie is featured in the section 'For the action figure fan'.

  • If you have one of those children who lives and breathes dinosaurs, can recite fact after fact from Coelophysis to Diplodocus, and wants to learn more, then we’ve got a helpful list of great gifts for dinosaur lovers.

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