GeoMag Construction Sets

Geomag 68-Piece Construction Set with Assorted Panels - Mentally Stimulating for Children and Adults - Safe and Construction - For Ages 3 and Up

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  • At Crayons we have found that the excellent GEOMAG magnetised construction sets are proving increasingly popular because the word is getting around that GEOMAG works on a 360 degree potential. That is an unlimited ball and socket rotation of the parts allows for amazing 3D constructions!

    GEOMAG are construction sets designed to inspire imaginations and to encourage young engineers and architects to think outside the square. GEOMAG construction sets are designed and made in Switzerland.

  • This construction set is more than a toy and is intended for use by children 14 and over. Geomag construction toys are produced in switzerland and adhere to the highest quality standards. Our products are designed to entertain children and to stimulate imagination, curiosity and creativity.

    Construction toys have evolved to an entire new level with the rise of Geomag construction bars. This highly innovative construction toy sparks imagination with complex models and 3-D designs. The obvious skills mentioned earlier are easily learned with this toy, but specific educational benefits are taught as well. Children become aware of spatial depth, aesthetical design issues, and structure stability.

  • I am happy to introduce any toy to my children that is able to bridge learning and playing. In addition to being fun and interactive, Geomag is a STEM toy. STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. These four areas are are utilized in this toy, allowing the children to see the links between the subjects. These types of toys help to start this type of education early on. This Geomag construction kit my son received had him thinking and planning out his designs. Certain magnets repel and attract because of different polarities; therefore my son had to put them in certain positions to achieve his goal.

Geomag Masters - Miscellaneous Projects

The Geomag magnetic construction set offers a fun way to create structures. With a pink and white color palette, this set would appeal to someone who likes all things pink.