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15" Garfield Plush Cuddly Toy

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  • Garfield soft toys are available in different sizes and shapes as the character itself had gone through changes in his appearance and behavior over the course of the strip. When the show began, Garfield was drawn as a fat, lazy cat with flabby jowls and small round eyes. Later, Garfield changed a bit, he was slimmed down and his eyes were enlarged. In the first years of 80’s, Garfield started walking on his hind feet from time to time. By the middle of 1983, Garfield evolved into his familiar appearance- the cute, chubby cat with oval-shaped eyes. This plush version of Garfield shows all the fun loving character and personality that his animated self portrays.

    Garfield soft toys are cute, adorable often furry, toys made of plush. As we all know soft toys symbolize fun, friendship and love and Garfield soft toys are no exception! They give us company when we are alone and make us feel safe when we hug them. These huggable soft toys snuggle with us in bed and make us smile when we're going through a bad time or when we’re feeling lonely. These sweet characters touch the lives of everyone they meet and appeal to their senses.

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