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Ree Drummond Video Gallery Videos : Food Network

This view is very nice, due to which you show the gallery videos like a slider.
If you need to show the gallery videos like a slider, this view will satisfy your demand.
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Thumbnail view demonstrates the gallery videos like boxes, and when you hover on the image you will see title for them.

DVD Video Gallery: Marketing Management for Marketing Management

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  • Gallery Video plugin was created and specifically designed to show video links in unusual splendid gallery types supplemented of many gallery options

    This feature will allow demonstrating only a part of your created gallery videos, hiding the rest of them under Load More button, or dividing all your gallery projects into several pages with the help of Pagination.

  • There are views which do not have description place, but video gallery owns views where you are able to write the description for each gallery video.

    Description - Its advantages lie in the fact that you are able to use HTML in the description field, to add more features to the gallery videos. If you need to show the description with the advanced feature, here you are free to do HTML modifications.

  • Advanced pagination option - There are 3 ways for displaying content, choose for the gallery to Show All, to divide them into several pages with the Pagination, or hide the gallery videos under the Load More button.

Watch videos of Hilton Waikoloa Village resort and amenities.

If you need to show more information about the gallery videos in this case you are free to use link button, which you can show or not to show on the videos, do different color and size modification from General Options.