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Jack Frost and Elsa to one of the most beautiful couples in the world. Help this...
Frozen (2013)
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Canned food, frozen food, and then 10 years later you get the “I hate to cook” book.
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Princess Elsa from Frozen Kingdom is pregnant and need today to give birth in an...

Frozen Free Fall

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  • TAG : frozen is a amazing movie .elsa and anna beautiful dressing.
  • About 23 minutes of the film are dedicated to their musical numbers. Because they live in New York City, collaborating closely with the production team in required two-hour-long transcontinental nearly every weekday for about 14 months. For each song they composed, they recorded a demo in their home studio (with both of them singing the lyrics and Lopez on piano), then emailed it to Burbank for discussion at the next videoconference. Lopez and Anderson-Lopez were aware of the fact that their work would be compared to that of and from the Disney Renaissance era, and whenever they felt lost, they asked "What would Ashman do?" In the end, they wrote 25 songs for the film, of which eight made it into the final version. One song ("For the First Time in Forever") had a and the other ("Let It Go") was covered by Demi Lovato over the final credits, for a total of ten songs. Seven of the 17 that did not make it were later released on the deluxe edition soundtrack.

    The filmmakers' trip to Norway provided essential knowledge for the animators to come up with the design aesthetic for the film in terms of color, light, and atmosphere. According to Giaimo, there were three important factors that they had acquired from the Norway research trip: the fjords, which are the massive vertical rock formations, and serve as the setting for the secluded kingdom of Arendelle; the medieval stave churches, whose rustic triangular rooflines and shingles inspired the castle compound; and the rosemaling folk art, whose distinctive paneling and grid patterns informed the architecture, decor, and costumes.

  • The setting was principally based on , and the cultural influences in the film come from . Several landmarks in Norway appear in the film, including the in , the in , and in . Numerous other typical cultural Scandinavian elements are also included in the film, such as , trolls,:6 , a , , , and food such as .:43 A is also present in the film, as well as the brief appearance of in a book that Anna and Elsa's father opens to figure out where the trolls live.:6 A scene where two men argue over whether to stack firewood bark up or bark down is a reference to the perennial Norwegian debate over how to stack firewood properly.:59 The film also contains several elements specifically drawn from , such as the usage of reindeer for transportation and the equipment used to control these, clothing styles (the outfits of the ice cutters), and parts of the musical score. Decorations, such as those on the castle pillars and Kristoff's sled, are also in styles inspired by Sámi decorations. During their field work in Norway, Disney's team, for inspiration, visited Rørosrein, a Sámi family-owned company in the village that produces reindeer meat and arranges tourist events. Arendelle was inspired by , a branch of Norway's longest fjord , which has been listed as a ; while a castle in Oslo with beautiful hand-painted patterns on all four walls served as the inspiration for the kingdom's royal castle interior.

    The studio also developed several new tools to generate realistic and believable shots, particularly the heavy and deep snow and its interactions with the characters. Disney wanted an "all-encompassing" and organic tool to provide snow effects but not require switching between different methods. As noted above, several Disney artists and special effects personnel traveled to Wyoming to experience walking through deep snow. Dr. Kenneth Libbrecht, a professor from the , was invited to give lectures to the effects group on how snow and ice form, and why snowflakes are unique. Using this knowledge, the effects group created a snowflake generator that allowed them to randomly create 2,000 unique snowflake shapes for the film.

  • During production, the film's English title was changed from to , a decision that drew comparisons to another Disney film, . Peter Del Vecho explained that "the title came up independently of the title . It's because, to us, it represents the movie. plays on the level of ice and snow but also the frozen relationship, the frozen heart that has to be thawed. We don't think of comparisons between and , though." He also mentioned that the film will still retain its original title, , in some countries: "because that just resonated stronger in some countries than . Maybe there's a richness to in the country's heritage and they just wanted to emphasize that."

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That’s because when the movie poster was created the characters face mesh was different from what it ended up as in the final product. It was a kind of beta, for their character models