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Flitter Fairies Eva Lake Fairy Magical Flying Toy

Flutterbye- Fairy Princess

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  • The lawsuit claims that the marketing and sale of Starfly by Brix n Clix, Rehco LLC and CYI Inc. was a "calculated attempt by the Defendants to illegally capitalize on the success of the popular Spin Master's popular Flutterbye Flying Fairy toy. Rather than independently create their own original product, Defendants conspired to create a look-a-like flying fairy (called "Starfly") that is substantially similar to Spin Master's copyrighted flying fairy toy in appearance, coloring, styling, and packaging along with a copycat marketing campaign."

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  • Thisof a little girl demonstrating her new Flutterbye Flying Fairy toy. Apparently she got a fire-element fairy though, because it heads straight for the fireplace. I've never heard of Flutterbye Flying Fairies before, but I just watched a bunch of videos of them on Youtube and they seem pretty legit. Legit enough for me to have just dropped $30 on the Disney Tinkerbell edition from Amazon Prime? Only time will tell. And that time is two-days (free Amazon Prime shipping).

1 x Flutterbye Flying Flower Fairy 1 x display stand/charger