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  • A common reason for people to want to take floral baths is that something is not going well for them – like, for example, they can't get work or they are having bad luck. First I give them a cleansing bath to take away the saladera [bad luck] which is shows up as salt on their skins. In that bath I put ajo sacha, mishquipanga, ruda and romero [rosemary]. Then the floral bath follows to give the things the client wants: luck, work, etc.

    Mandi bunga (Floral Baths) are practiced by the Malays, Chinese and Indians in Malaysia. As with the different cultures, the methods of the mandi bunga also varies.

  • Then starting around June 1st as I began to meditate for the ceremony to take place on St Johns' Eve I realized that I was to begin making Flower Essence Baths as well.

    The baños de limpieza are always done first, and the baños de florecimiento always come after and are done towards the end of the retreat (exception made for dieteros, i.e. those doing the plant diet, who may receive their flower baths more often). Each week, there will be up to two cleansing herbal baths, one clay bath, and two flower baths that pilgrims may receive as part of their treatment during the Ayahuasca retreat. The main ingredients of the shamanic flower bath are the flowers of the Albaca (Ocimum sp. – possibly Ocimum micranthum), Rosa cisa (Tagetes erecta) and Ajos sacha (Mansoa alliacea) plants. Through these ritual baths, the spirits of the plantas maestras are believed to enter more easily in contact with the person.

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