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Fisher-Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning System (Blue)

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  • If you are considering buying one of these systems for your child, be sure to check out some more information about the Fisher Price IXL Learning System on its website, . As well as extra information about the iPad-like device the site will also give tell you where you can purchase the system.

    Game Player: The Fisher Price iXL Learning System comes preloaded with 1 classic arcade-style game that is more than just a game for fun, - it's an educational game with 3 progressive levels that teaches numbers, sequencing and counting. Your child will be learning, without even knowing it!

  • Story Book: Features 1 animated story with 15 pages and 2 modes - read to me mode (words highlight while story animates) and interact with me mode (child can press key words and learn more about them). With the Fisher Price iXL Learning System your child is going to improve on their reading for meaning, comprehension, key words and spelling.

Fisher Price iXL Learning System