The Fisher Building in 1974 from the air

The Fisher Building, as seen from the entrance of what is now Cadillac Place

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  • The winner gets the 29-story Fisher Building itself, a vertical Art Deco masterpiece, and the nearby 10-story Albert Kahn Building, which originally opened in 1931 as the New Center Building.

    Detroit's Fisher Building and the nearby Albert Kahn Building sold Wednesday at auction for $12.2 million, subject to verification. A real estate source identified the buyer as a team that included New York-based HFZ Capital, a major real estate investor in Manhattan, along with an unnamed metro Detroit investor as partner. The name of the winning bidder may not be known for a day or two until the sale is approved by the seller.

  • The Fisher Building features carvings of various aquatic creatures including fish and crabs. In addition, there are eagles, dragons and mythical creatures depicted on the facade as well.

    At the time of its completion, the building was one of two buildings in Chicago that was 18 stories tall, the other being the Masonic Building. To this day, the Fisher Building is the oldest 18 story building in Chicago that has not been demolished. The , while taller and older, was demolished in 1939.

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    Fisher Building

    The Fisher Building is 20-story, 275-foot-tall (84 m) landmark building located at 343 South Dearborn Street in the of . Commissioned by paper magnate Lucius Fisher, the original building was completed in 1896 by with an addition later added in 1907.

Fisher Building: Detroit, Michigan

Thursday, October 24, 1929 marks the start of the Great Depression. New construction ended. Auto production in 1932 was about one-quarter what it was in 1929. The other two buildings that the Fisher Brothers planned for the New Center area were never built. The Fisher Brothers continued to own this building until the early 1960s when it was sold to real estate investors who have maintained its integrity and allure. It is easy to understand that if someone were drawing up a list of several dozen of the world’s most beautiful buildings, this one would be included. I believe that three most striking Art Deco office buildings are the Chrysler Building in New York and two National Historic Landmarks in Detroit: the and the Fisher Tower. The Fisher Building, thanks to the financial resources of the Fisher Brother, is the best example of the accomplishments of the craftsmen who worked and designed in the Art Deco movement in the decade before the Depression.