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  • Thefirst keyboard supplied with the Apple II is shown above. It wasapparently made by Datanetics for Apple, as the keyswitches areDatanetics patented keyswitches identical to those used on the earlierDatanetics keyboards. However there is no manufacturer identifiedon the board itself to prove that Datanetics actually made it. Thelayout is very similar to the rev D datanetics show above. Thiskeyboard came with Apple II serial number 2672. Also themanufacturing date and serial stamps are similar to the Rev BDatanetics. This one was stamped March 2, 1978 and has anapparent serial number of 2779.

    The first keyboard: The first keyboard was created by Christoper Scholes in 1873. It was designed in such a manner that if a writer tried to type faster the keys stucked. Its main purpose was to make the users type is a slow pace.

  • First computer keyboards were adapted from the punch card and teletype equipment. Herman Hollerith developed the first keypunch devices, which soon evolved to include keys for text and number entry akin to normal typewriters by the 1930s.

    Razer’s Anansi MMO is the peripheral maker’s first MMO keyboard. In fact, this year is a huge year for Razer, after revealing the Switchblade, and practically announcing the release of the , , and the . Thing is, we have no idea when the rest will be available…but the Anansi is in my office right now.

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    I've still got this!

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    Hi all.

    We all started with somthing and I was wondering what it was you started with.

    This is my first keyboard ever.

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    Now there’s one for children: My First Keyboard by developer . Released for iPad only, it aims to give children “an engaging alternative they can use to type in almost any app”.

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SwiftKey, the keyboard app that was acquired by Microsoft earlier this year, is now neural networks within the app, making it the first keyboard app to be powered by the same. With this introduction, SwiftKey is backing the belief for a revolutionary change in how the app predicts the human typing behaviour.