Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) in Frozen

This Elsa pataky 8508 wallpaper viewed 3331 persons.

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  • TAG : Elsa is a special needs child. She has the eqivilent as Aspbergers
  • “I’m really interested in the surfaces of people. I am totally not interested in capturing their souls. I’m only interested in how they seem,” Dorfman tells Morris as they view the camera’s precision in 30 years of colossal images. The B-Side (making reference to the song o the reverse side of a 45 rpm record) refers to a second exposure in each Polaroid image, which tended to have fascinating imperfections, and which Dorfman kept, with everything else that she kept. As the old saying about unrecognized art goes, they were worthless, and priceless.

    "I'd get all these amazing letters from young kids struggling with their sexual orientation and who they were and how they wanted to come out," she continued." And it's continued to be like that, really, with Wicked and Frozen, with Elsa.

  • Well, Idina Menzel – the voice of Elsa – isn't entirely sure that we'll get our wish, but she is well and truly behind the idea of queering the queen of Arendelle.

    The #GiveElsaAGirlfriend hashtag blew up in May, with Frozen fans voicing their support for making Disney's beloved heroine explicitly gay in the movie's sequel.

    Hermione Granger Elsa the Snow Queen Captain Jack Sparrow
    Severus Snape Hans Princess Anna
    Katniss Everdeen Princess Aurora Kristoff

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    Responding to an explicit challenge from Drosnin, who claimed that other texts such as would not yield ELS results comparable to the Torah, McKay created a new experiment that was tuned to find many ELS letter arrays in that relate to modern events, including the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. He also found a code relating to the Rabin assassination, containing the assassin's first and last name and the university he attended, as well as the motive ("Oslo", relating to the ). Drosnin and others have responded to these claims, saying the tuning tactics employed by McKay were simply "nonsense", and providing analyses to support their argument that the tables, data and methodologies McKay used to produce the Moby Dick results "simply do not qualify as code tables". Skeptic claimed to find other examples in many texts. While Thomas' methodology was alleged to have been rebutted by and others, his broader arguments about the law of large numbers stood essentially unchallenged. Also, Thomas's criticisms were aimed at Drosnin, whose methodology is considered even worse. (In fact, Drosnin's example of "Clinton" in his first book violated the basic Bible Code concept of "Minimality"; Drosnin's "Clinton" was a completely invalid "code"). In addition, McKay claimed that Drosnin had used the flexibility of Hebrew to his advantage, freely mixing classic (no vowels, Y and W strictly consonant) and modern (Y and W used to indicate and vowels) modes, as well as variances in spelling of K and T, to reach the desired meaning.

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Elsa is the poster child for introverts who prefer to live in isolation and not be bothered by interpersonal relationships or the demands of the world.