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A double stroller is an indispensable item for parents of two small children or twins. The Eddie Bauer tandem stroller offers stadium...

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  • The Eddie Bauer baby stroller shopper must evaluate the savings on a used Eddie Bauer baby stroller, taking into account the costs of any cleaning, mending, and repairs that must be made. If the wear and tear on used baby stroller is minor, the cost savings could be worth the investment made on a used Eddie Bauer baby stroller.

    Some Eddie Bauer baby strollers that are described as "used" have been very gently used or are nearly new. These baby strollers do not need much cleaning or consideration of repairs. Some have more soiling or wear necessitating cleaning and perhaps minor repairs. Due to the expense of baby stroller purchases, a service industry has developed in communities and online to assist baby stroller owners with the cleaning and repair of these valuable items of baby equipment. Services offered may include brake repair, flat tire repair, chassis repair, suspension rebuild, rivet replacement, major rust removal, handlebar foam rewrap, fabric and upholstery mending, spare parts orders, and replacement of broken or missing pieces. It is also possible to find video instructions posted online by other consumers that detail how to mend and repair worn and broken baby strollers.

  • The first step in buying a used Eddie Bauer baby stroller on eBay is to navigate to any page on eBay and enter key terms in the search bar. For example, enter ".." You receive results of available used Eddie Bauer baby strollers from sellers worldwide. You can sort the results by type, number of seats, condition, price, item location, and seller. Because eBay has millions of sellers worldwide, you may face thousands of results. Narrowing the search terms to a specific type of Eddie Bauer baby stroller limits the number of results. Try " ," for example.

    Determining how important a baby stroller/car seat compatibility feature is to one's life makes it easier to select the baby stroller that is the right choice for one's family. It is a serious consideration to the parents who prefer to have their baby remain in a car seat while they lift him or her out of the car to transport to an Eddie Bauer baby stroller.

  • You should also evaluate the shipping and handling policies of potential sellers of used Eddie Bauer baby strollers. Some sellers do not charge shipping. To find these items, append your search by adding "free shipping." For example, " ."

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The Eddie Bauer baby stroller shopper should think about how he or she uses the baby stroller. The urban shopper may prefer a lightweight baby stroller that is easy to open and close for getting on and off public transportation or in and out of taxi cabs. Maneuvering a baby stroller on a busy city sidewalk and across streets in crosswalk areas is a point to consider. This shopper may not need the stroller to have the wheels of an off-road or jogging type of stroller. However, the avid runner or hiker must consider running and hiking with his or her baby safely tucked into the seat of an Eddie Bauer baby stroller designed for more rugged terrain. There is an model to meet the needs of a variety of lifestyles, from urban to suburban to rural.