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We are excited to share a review of the Thomas & Friends Steam Team Station by Duo Games for the iPad with you!

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  • The battery life of the Duo Gamer left us wanting. Two AA batteries failed after 6-8 hours of heavy use the first night my son started playing with the Duo Gamer. As a result the Bluetooth connection dropped in the middle of a game. There’s no power indicator to warn the user to switch batteries before starting a new game.

    The Duo Gamer only supports eight games and Gameloft ruined three of those by requiring players to pay their way through much of the game with in-app purchases. With more game support, we’d forgive the plastic feel, poor battery life and lack of power indicator. Hardcore players of the above listed games will enjoy the Duo Gamer. Others should wait till Gameloft adds more support to a longer list of titles.

  • Playing games with the Duo Gamer feels physically more like using an Xbox or Playstation, but the material used to make the Duo Gamer doesn’t measure up in quality. Those wireless controllers on Xbox or Playstation cost between $10-$25 more than a Duo Gamer, depending on the store, so we’re not surprised.

    If you jailbreak your iPad, you can download a tweak called Blutrol which allows you to play any game you want with the Duo Gamer, including Call of Duty Zombies or Minecraft.

    TurboDuo with gamepad
    Manufacturer NEC Home Electronics and Hudson Soft
    Type Video game console
    Generation Fourth generation
    Retail availability
    • JP: September 21, 1991[1]
    • NA: October 10, 1992
    Introductory price US$299.99 (equivalent to $521.19 in 2015)
    Discontinued December 1995
    Media TurboChip, CD-ROM
    CPU 8-bit HuC6280, effective clock of either 1.79 or 7.16MHz
    Memory 8KB Work RAM, 64KB Video RAM, 192KB additional memory (System 3.0)
    Display 256×224, 512×224, 512×240 screen resolutions. 512 available colours, 481 on-screen colours.
    Input Gamepad
    Predecessor TurboGrafx-16
    Successor PC-FX

  • Plus there are other three new Duo Games are Duo Pinball, Atari Arcade, and Dora Let’s Play Backpack.

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I've always wanted a . So, when I first heard about the Duo Gamer, I was ecstatic. This was the device the needed: a stand and a simple dual-analog-stick game pad to turn your little into an effective miniature game console.