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  • Of note in this refurbished 3DS XL sale is that Nintendo’s eBay store is now selling the New Super Mario Bros 2 Limited Edition 3DS XL for $115 with free shipping. The same model is surprisingly missing from Nintendo Shop and its the first time we’ve seen this unit on sale for so cheap. All models listed below are at their new historic low price (for refurbished units anyways). If you don’t really care about brand new in the box type of purchase, these may be a good option given they’re straight from Nintendo and carry with them a full year warranty.

    I'm going to warn you, though: the Target Black Friday 3DS XL sales are going to go fast. The Zelda one in particular, because it's gorgeous and the game is brand new. But don't worry: the Target 3DS XL $150 sale extends across the full 3DS range, so you can get the other bundles for the same price. That definitely includes the Luigi's Mansion bundle and probably the Animal Crossing bundle too. In short, you're basically getting a 3DS XL for a hair over half price, and you get a game as well. The Luigi bundle is also $150 at Toys R Us, if you really want to go to Toys R Us for some reason.

  • In Gamasutra's United States hardware sales estimate for July 2010, the DSi and DSi XL each outsold the DS Lite. The website reported DSi sales of approximately 300,000 units in July 2009 and February 2010, which remains consistent for July 2010 if combined with DSi XL sales. As a result, the average price consumers were spending on the Nintendo DS hardware family rose to over $165 (in 2004 dollars, $190 adjusted for inflation as of 2010), which is over $15 more than the November 2004 launch price of the original Nintendo DS. Nintendo made its first DSi price cuts in Europe on June 18, 2010, for DSi and DSi XL consoles in Japan on June 19, and in North America on September 12. The DSi and DSi XL accounted for 14.66 million of the 17.52 million units sold worldwide of its product line in fiscal year 2010.

    2008–2012 Nintendo DS worldwide sales. Nintendo DS
    product line (black) with DSi (green), DSi XL (red), and
    DSi and DSi XL combined (orange).
    Nintendo DSi sales figures (as of September 30, 2014)[55]
    Region Units shipped First available
    Japan 5.90 million November 1, 2008
    Americas 12.35 million April 5, 2009
    Other regions 10.19 million April 2, 2009
    Total 28.44 million
    Nintendo DSi XL sales figures (as of September 30, 2014)[55]
    Japan 2.35 million November 21, 2009
    Americas 5.85 million March 28, 2010
    Other regions 4.74 million March 5, 2010
    Total 12.93 million

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